By Anonymous - 06/04/2014 18:09 - United States - Lakeland

Today, I found out that my three closest online friends are the same person: my obsessive ex. I met all three before he and I even started dating. FML
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Oh, hey babe! I didn't know you were on FML!

Aww. He's cares so much that he's willing to share all of his personalities with you.


Oh, hey babe! I didn't know you were on FML!

Your ex is also DocBastard... Just saying.

One time video chat wouldn't have hurt op!

Once a stalker always a stalker! Just saying

I have to give the obsessive ex mad props for having created such an elaborate scheme for stalking.

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Damn that's just creepy.. get a body guard, or better yet ,carry a gun just in case lol

Duuuuddee that's creepy. Like that shouldn't even be a thing. I think a restraining order is in place, OP.

Should get a restraining order on his stalking ass!!

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It's extremely hard to get a restraining order in the first place, and it's impossible to ban someone from the internet.

I didn't find it "extremely hard" to get a restraining order. In my case it was extremely easy. My ex was arrested for attacking me, though. I don't know if OP's ex anonymously speaking to her online under different names would be grounds for a restraining order though, but it's worth a try if it bothers her that much, and I can see why it would. It's free and fairly easy to file a restraining order.

People get banned from the internet all the time. For instance, Hunter Moore lol.

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Never heard of Photoshop? I can photoshop a cow eating a watermelon so why not NPH holding a sign?

A restraining order on the Internet? Good luck, /moves onto make a new random profile, prove it's me.

frizz101 22

29 maybe I should have been more clear. Unless a person is physically violent and you can prove that they are violent, it's almost impossible to get a restraining order.

Aww. He's cares so much that he's willing to share all of his personalities with you.

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Better start checking everyone else you don't know face to face. Or maybe even some you do if he is good at disguises and that committed. SHYAMALAN MODE: It was you all along. You are a man. In love with yourself.

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yea because pictures can't be fake

Pictures on the Internet could be fake??! So, you're not a giraffe? That makes me so sad. :(

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My picture isn't fake. I'm an elephant seal. I swear.

pictures are super easy to steal. I've had someone steal my pictures before. Ask them to skype. If they refuse, then there's probably something off. In this day and age, almost everyone has a smart phone or a laptop with a web cam. If they claim they don't, ask them to borrow someone else's just so you can chat face to face at least once. If they go out of their way to find reasons not to video chat with you, stop the relationship.

Now-a-days, you can also fake skype video. They can record it during another skype chat and play it back during your skype call, and claim that their volume doesn't work or something.

32, not everyone is comfortable with Skype. I'm not a huge fan of video chatting even with my real life friends, and the only time I've Skyped with someone I met online was after he became my boyfriend. Refusing doesn't necessarily mean you have something to hide.

A picture of your friend holding a sign with your name or a specific phrase on it would be hard to fake. That's the kind of pic you request..

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#49 :)) This is your stalker experience talking?

This is why I ask for picture and video proof from everyone I meet on the interwebs.

She said she met all of her "friends".

I reread the FML and realized I read it wrong.

The three of them must have kept pushing OP to go back to that "wonderful" ex-boyfriend.

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Pictures can be altered or even be fake/faked.

Wait, I'm confused, OP met all three of his aliases in real life? What is this guy!?

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that's what I'm wondering too!

No, OP met all three on the internet

If an online person refuses to video chat you before meeting in person, don't get involved.