By sorejecteditmakesmewannacry - 29/08/2013 10:44 - France - Poissy

Today, I asked a cute guy for his number but instead he gave it to my gay friend. When my friend later called him, it turned out that he'd given him his number just to get rid of me and wasn't expecting him to call. FML
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So call me maybe?

That's just so wrong. He could have just said no. There was no reason for him to be such an ass to you and your friend.


So call me maybe?

I seriously laughed so hard at the end of that video.

@22 May I suggest Steve Kardynal's parody of it? Guaranteed to laugh so hard you'll cry.

22- No, trust me you aren't. I want to punch something every time that song comes on.

First song I've heard of that got popular because of a baseball team

It was popular much b4 the Harvard parody was.

Lol, nice. That song sucks, though.

That's just so wrong. He could have just said no. There was no reason for him to be such an ass to you and your friend.

Well, now you know what kind of guy he is.

I don't think the gay friend would mind if he was being an ass...

Omg 31 priceless!

lol, he was probably excited.

What a douche. He should have just politely declined.

I will be the first to say, sometimes that doesn't help. I'm never a dick when I decline handing out my number, and some girls go fucking crazy. Especially if they're with their friends. "Don't you think I'm pretty? Oh, you'll take her number not mine?" Even being as genuinely nice as possible, some people can't handle rejection.

I agree with you and that's why i always tend to go with, "sorry, I have crush on someone and if I give you my number then I'm misleading you which is not fair to you." It has worked so far and this way both parties tend to save face.

I agree , some people just don't give up. I know some girls that when getting turned down, automatically think the guy is gay. People are so self-absorbed.

15, you are a genious.

Your gay friend must've liked that. At first atleast.

Little bastard.

Yeah.. Shitty attempt at sarcasm?

a pretty face is nothing with a black heart.

I like this sounds right in jigsaws voice. like something he may say to a pretty girl who doesn't appreciate life or relations and is about to play a game she will never forget.......if she survives

exactly. many people think that the movies are stupid, but if you truly think about them, they're mind boggling.

What a jerk! You're better of without a douche bag like him anyway.

what an asshole! plenty of fish out there. Onto the next cutie

TorturedXeno 27

Not worth it, OP. Guy sounds like a dick.

What everyone else has said, OP. He's not worth it if that's what he's like. You're much better off. That guy's a jerk!

It's been raining assholes in the love and hookup section lately... *Takes note*