By thatscreamerguy - 03/04/2012 11:11 - United Kingdom - Mitcham

Today, I repeatedly screamed so loudly and with such emotion at a video game, that my neighbours thought I was in trouble and called the police. FML
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thatscreamerguy tells us more.

For anybody wondering, it was "Medieval 2 Total War" on very hard mode. I don't own a microphone, and don't play Call of Duty. Watching the Iberian peninsula falling to unstoppable Moorish hordes really tugs at the heartstrings though, y'know?

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At least you know if you're ever in real trouble, your neighbors got your back.

Lol C.O.D. rage!!!:D my bf is the same way


DJRhetorical 4

It happens! That is why I no longer play video games.

it could have been worse Today, my neighbor was screaming like a dieing seal in the middle of the night. it got so bad i had to call the police. when i wake up in the night, i cant fall back asleep. i have a job interview at 3am. FML

Because your neighbors constantly call the police on you? Then it must be for the best.

You know you need to get out more when....

You know you need to get out more when....

Not play video games? How are you still alive..?

He was shrieking in fear. The zombies on Left 4 Dead were about to get him.

anarchistpunk 3

33-its funny cause isn't your picture COD MW2 or 3 character?

I bet OP was playing Peggle, its some scary shit...

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Cops needed to be called cause i was rapeing noobs.

56 - Actually, it's a Battlefield 3 soldier. But i agree with you.

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One does not simply give up video games.

1 - You gave up something that provides a wealth of entertainment because you lack basic self control? FYL

You're a strong one. I could never give up video games.

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one does not simply stop playing video games

Are you sure that's the reason you no longer or is it because your not good at video games

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Isn't shouting part of Skyrim though?

Lol C.O.D. rage!!!:D my bf is the same way

F***ing camping piece of s***. You 12 year old f***tard. Your moms a wh**re, and I a** raped her last night!!!! *I find this to be the common rage phrase in that game.

Feared, you must have overheard me a couple of times it sounds like?! Pretty much the standard quotes.

Same Marinus.. Either in the same lobby or sitting outside my window.. O.o

jeob1992 8

I often use"you f***ing camping b**ch I'm gonna go Chuckie on your A**

Hey, I'm a chick and I have horrible COD rage. xD

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Not really your fault. Your neighbors seem nice though.

RedPillSucks 31

@AngiLaLa1. Why stop playing because of what someone else can't handle? I bet there are a bunch of guys who would be thrilled that a girl can keep up, and kick their ass from time to time.

Can't handle it? I love it when a girl kicks my ass in GTA IV.

I don't play CoD because I would scream racist profanities when I raged on it. Quite a tragedy.

I sing really lame and annoying songs (beiber) and that usually when everyone all the rage begins and the abuse is hurled at me =) I have heard it all, it's fun annoying hardcore gamers

outch_fml 0

Oh god, rage quotes like the ones you guys are posting are why I never play multiplayer anymore.

I'm great at COD, but I do have my rage moments. Lag and camping piss me off. Ladies. Saying something like, "I used to play COD, but.... Etc." doesn't make you seem cool. I'm sorry to say it but either you play or you don't. 99 - You said that guys couldn't even handle a girl who was better than them? Yet you quit from raging so much. If you were as good as you say, I doubt you'd quit not rage that much. I'm just saying. Quit gloating, girls.

How am I trolling? You obviously gloated about yourself, and it's annoying. Don't be conceited.


Next thing you hear bang bang you wake up happy then you realize it's a different video game damn! >=[

We have the Pentagon's top cryptologists working 24/7 trying to figure out what the **** you just said.

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There are NO limits when it comes to gaming..

anarchistpunk 3

Yeah, im with the other dude, ******* little campers and OP'd guns and then theres the no-lifes..see? Its happening when not even playing them.

SpruceDread4578 13

Don't you dare tell me there are limits!

Next thing you hear cop noises your happy then it's just the video games

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You have one wicked sense of humor....TROLL

At least you know if you're ever in real trouble, your neighbors got your back.

true, until they will eventually think its just him screaming at his game again and pay no attention

Do more fun sports like surfing and you won't take games so seriously.

I fail to see what is so fun about being soaking wet and swimming away from a crazy man in a dinghy whilst towing a big board beind you...

.. Sounds like you had a bad first try at surfing

I have a friend who met the drummer from the band Thrice while surfing, just throwing that out there. And you can make almost any sport or activity sound bad/dangerous if you wanted to.

biglittlehead 12

I'm the quarterback for my high school football team and I still take my video games very seriously. Your point is invalid.

I take several martial arts and go to college full time. I still heavily play video games in my free time, and it's a big part of my life. Stop insinuating we're all basement-dwelling neckbeards because we enjoy video games.

Not everyone lives near an ocean. Forever Landlocked

I hope OP doesnt turn GTA into reality.

chizzam 5

Dead space 2 isn't that scary

I swear this happened to another OP, but his girlfriend was playing Amnesia. I got the game after reading that FML and it was pretty scary! Haha

Or they got to the end of Mass Effect 3...

Oh god, the "needle in the eye" death scene from that game... That's burned in my mind forever.

What video game made you shout that loudly?

peachesncreem 21

He was playing The Sims. It gets pretty intense.

#14, if any video game were to make someone rage uncontrollably, it would be COD WaW on veteran. For some reason the Japs and Nazis had a surplus on nades and decided to have a fireworks show, me center stage.

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What video game doesn't make you shout loudly ? Lmfao

KiddNYC1O 20

Resident Evil makes me shat myself.

Swim100 18

Reflex when people run you over

Shit, I get pissed playing the Fable games and yell profanities at the tv. Actually any game I get into makes me do that. My husband leaves when I turn on the system.

SpruceDread4578 13

Mass Effect 3...******* ending. ....or CoD.

Sadly, this isn't an uncommon occurrence in apartment complexes. On a side note, I do hate campers, spawn killers, and head glitchers.