By thatscreamerguy - United Kingdom - Mitcham
Today, I repeatedly screamed so loudly and with such emotion at a video game, that my neighbours thought I was in trouble and called the police. FML
thatscreamerguy tells us more :
For anybody wondering, it was "Medieval 2 Total War" on very hard mode. I don't own a microphone, and don't play Call of Duty. Watching the Iberian peninsula falling to unstoppable Moorish hordes really tugs at the heartstrings though, y'know?
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  epicwaffles  |  7

it could have been worse

Today, my neighbor was screaming like a dieing seal in the middle of the night. it got so bad i had to call the police. when i wake up in the night, i cant fall back asleep. i have a job interview at 3am. FML

  Feared  |  9

F***ing camping piece of s***. You 12 year old f***tard. Your moms a wh**re, and I a** raped her last night!!!!

*I find this to be the common rage phrase in that game.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@AngiLaLa1. Why stop playing because of what someone else can't handle?
I bet there are a bunch of guys who would be thrilled that a girl can keep up,
and kick their ass from time to time.

  swoozie23  |  6

I sing really lame and annoying songs (beiber) and that usually when everyone all the rage begins and the abuse is hurled at me =) I have heard it all, it's fun annoying hardcore gamers

  AngiLaLa1  |  0

RedPillSucks- I got sick of all the camping douche bags who would brag about being great when really they just hid in a fucking corner like a pansy. I would rage too much on that game anyways... Played black ops for a while then my PS3 randomly stopped reading discs

  zinoxity  |  23

I'm great at COD, but I do have my rage moments. Lag and camping piss me off.
Ladies. Saying something like, "I used to play COD, but.... Etc." doesn't make you seem cool. I'm sorry to say it but either you play or you don't.
99 - You said that guys couldn't even handle a girl who was better than them? Yet you quit from raging so much. If you were as good as you say, I doubt you'd quit not rage that much.

I'm just saying. Quit gloating, girls.

  AngiLaLa1  |  0

LOL 183... I'm not gloating because I don't care. I stated one of the reasons I quit was because my PS3 stopped reading discs. And I raged because when I did better than a guy 90% of the time they would insult me and call me names. Hence the rage.. That and nobody likes a camper. Get over yourself hunny

  AngiLaLa1  |  0

Wow... I am nowhere near conceited and I wasn't gloating about anything... I made a simple statement about things I have encountered while playing a stupid video game. "Cool story bro" = troll... If you don't know where things originate from then don't use them lol

By  lilith5  |  0

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  Furrywhiplash  |  14

I have a friend who met the drummer from the band Thrice while surfing, just throwing that out there. And you can make almost any sport or activity sound bad/dangerous if you wanted to.


I take several martial arts and go to college full time. I still heavily play video games in my free time, and it's a big part of my life. Stop insinuating we're all basement-dwelling neckbeards because we enjoy video games.

  McMan  |  23

#14, if any video game were to make someone rage uncontrollably, it would be COD WaW on veteran. For some reason the Japs and Nazis had a surplus on nades and decided to have a fireworks show, me center stage.

  coried91  |  28

Shit, I get pissed playing the Fable games and yell profanities at the tv. Actually any game I get into makes me do that. My husband leaves when I turn on the system.