By Mark Allan - 25/03/2012 16:06 - United States - Alexandria

Today, I finally got the guts to text this cute girl at school. I started sending flirtatious texts, only to find out the hard way that she'd given me her boyfriend's number. FML
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She could've just said "I have a boyfriend," I suppose. But that would have made too much sense.

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FMLemur 4
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This is one of those FMLs where you're just aching to know what happened next.

OP's crush's bf- Ummmm OP- uh, who is this? bf- (bf's name here). y? OP- uhhh wrong #... bf- k. bye, I guess... OP- ...

She could've just said "I have a boyfriend," I suppose. But that would have made too much sense.

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Nah, that's just the easy way. Or the cowardly way. Either way.

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Very cowardly admitting you have a boyfriend, indeed.

I dunno, maybe she's learnt that "I'm not interested" and "I have a boyfriend" don't always work, but doesn't want to go down the "eff off" or "HULK SMASH" route?

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Whoops, that came out wrong. My apologies, I was thinking two different things and put them both down.

Usually when you tell guys, "I have a boyfriend." or "I'm in a relationship." that seems to go over their head, or they simply reply. "I have a goldfish.".....Girl is confused, guy says "I thought we were talking about things that didn't matter." lol

I know right! or they'll say "what's that have to do with me?" -_- a lot of guys don't have very much respect for people's realtionships

When you say "texts" do you mean you sent a couple before you realised it wasn't her? Because if you sent more than one without a reply, that's slightly desperate.

I'd laugh if the boyfriend was pretending to be the girl...

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Quit tryin to hook up with attached females

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I doubt op knew she was "attached".

Lol. You make it seem like that's his thing… he opened up with "finally got the guts" so he doesn't go after "attached" woman. And op might have never knew that the girl ha a boyfriend. Some common sense goes a long way.

some people lose their virginity to girls that say nothing about being in a relationship

Quit tryinG to type like a 23 black man, faggatron.

Ouch. Sounds like #56 has had some experience there.

Ha ha I wonder what her boyfriend said :)

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I was wondering the same thing

Well, if you can't get the girl, perhaps you could get her boyfriend? ;)

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That would have been funny if the boyfriend answered that he was willing to go on a date with op

Sounds like a bitch to me. Just sayin'.

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The fact that you can't look at a camera straight makes you look like a bitch. Just sayin'.

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At least her boyfriend will be able to steal your ideas and use them as his own. You're a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac! Doesn't that feel great, big nose?

Our Pre AP class just got done with that book this week, and your comment makes perfect sense. Well done once again good sir.

Here's an idea, Romeo - if you like a girl, have the guts to speak to her face-to-face. That's a guarantee that you won't accidentally get her boyfriend. It isn't a guarantee that she won't HAVE a boyfriend, however. That's your responsibility to figure out beforehand.

Boys, even girls for that matter, don't have the courage to flirt or speak to their crushes face-to-face. I think I'm in a generation of *******...

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Well he got her number somehow. But the fact that she gave him her boyfriend's number makes it pretty clear that she knew he was interested, and was probably screwing with him.