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By Anonymous - 18/07/2014 23:06 - United States - Horseheads

Today, my mom told me my relationship is a joke, because teenagers don't understand the meaning of relationships and commitment. I couldn't help but remind her how she's divorced three separate men to date. She hit me over the head so hard that snot flew out of my nose. FML
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I hate when parents do that.

Don't worry about her. She doesn't know anything about your relationship


I hate when parents do that.

Yeah. They're supposed to be our role models, not bad examples.

That's actually kind of funny and messed up at the same time.

I can see why she would be upset, but she can't give judgement on something that she obviously knows nothing about.

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Or to your wife...

Hahaha. That's hilarious.

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Guys don't worry, the first three marriages were for money, not for love.

OP lives in New York and parents hitting children is illegal. So if she wanted to, she can call the cops on her mom for child abuse.

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Oh, you're one of THOSE kids.

A perfect example of "do as I say and not as I do." It's different if you've made a mistake and you've rectified it and have showed as much, but it's wrong to expect someone to heed your advice if you've been fucking up consistently.

So it's wrong to think that parents shouldn't hit their kids for no reason?

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No, in a legitimate case of child abuse calling the cops is obviously the right thing to do. In this case getting the cops involved would just be a stupid, petty thing to do.

Fair enough. It's still wrong for her mom to hit her in this case, but I agree that she shouldn't get the police involved.

Don't worry about her. She doesn't know anything about your relationship

This is a moment where the action was totally worth the consequence.

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set the example to your mom with actions rather then words

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than* oh come on!!

It isn't that big of a deal #71 :-) I'm sure people still got the point.

Doesn't matter. It's *than, not then. If you're going to take the time to type something out, why not go ahead and proofread it?

Then just prove her wrong by having a super awesome and loving relationship with your partner while your mom continues flying through men. she's probably jealous tbh.

It is true a lot of the time, not always, but I can see why your mom would say that. She shouldnt have hit you though, I'm sorry :(

Teen relationships usually fail because the kids are still changing and developing into their own person.

Sorry OP. thats just cruel but you know the saying goes, "Do as you're told not from what you see." Best of luck! Don't let her bring you down :)

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Actually the saying is "Do as I say, not as I do" lol

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Or monkey see Doobie doobie do

Dear Mother, dear Father You clipped my wings before I learnt to fly Unspoiled, unspoken I've outgrown that fucking lullaby Same thing I've always heard from you Do as I say, not as I do ~Metallica

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Wow sorry op, some people don't like to realize the truth. Do what makes you happy

Hypocrite much?

Talk to your mom about not being a jealous bitch.