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By  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Move out as soon as you can... smothering your children is not the way to go! I'm sorry op :( the good news is that those relationships probably wouldn't have lasted anyway

By  shanster  |  3

that does suck! I don't get how anyone can ever do that, it's so cruel.
My sister is the same way, except her reasoning is that she doesn't like who she married so she goes out of her way to ruin any chance of happiness i get to fulfill some kind of stupid low self esteem thing she has going on. One of the reasons I moved across the country and always claim I'm single. Been single for 3years now, my sister thinks I'm secretly a nun :)

By  Jeef27  |  0

That really sucks. Its one thing for them to TALK TO YOU about like ONE person you've dated that they didn't approve of but for them to go behind your back with every single one of your relationships is really messed up. That would make me really mad!