By caaarl - 19/04/2012 19:46 - United Kingdom - Hemel Hempstead

Today, while looking through my wedding photos, I realised my wife had done a duck face in every single one. FML
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*sigh* It seems you can't escape duck faces anywhere. That stupid face ruins any photo.


*sigh* It seems you can't escape duck faces anywhere. That stupid face ruins any photo.

LoveMay 10

Oh god…they're .... EVERYWHERE!

Duck faces scare the hell 'outta me, with those enormous, bulging eyes and that scary morphed face look.

JayJaysGirl 0

Say to her: "Babe, I married you..not Daisy Duck."

Donat96 20

Congrats OP, you married an idiot 14 year old girl. Have a nice marriage.

When will people realize that they are NOT ducks? It just ruffles my feathers!

aaahhhfire21 0

Damn jersey shore has ruined everything

mhopper 13

I don't understand how girls can think they look attractive while making that dumb face! Whatever happened to smiling? Maybe they have horrible rotten teeth?

Oh boohoo your life is over cuz your wife likes to make a face at the camera, 2 years ago no one even cared about it, just more silly stuff to complain about added everyday ;D

I thought guys liked the duck face! What a relief to be proven wrong!

Duck face has been around LOOOOOOOOOOONG before that crap show came out.

I want a one-way ticket off this planet.

101- Did you just leave your cave?

You guys will not understand till you do it, sure it ruins pictures but it fuels people's hatred towards it. And I can't help but laugh at some of the comments you guys make on how you ridicule the duck face. Silly faces are fun in pictures guys; get over it

38-14 year old girl ? Erm, I'm pretty sure some 14-17 year olds do that too. He'll even 18+ . None of the 14 year olds I know do that anyways.

Mommyof2_91 10

Sorry 151, but when I was 14 that was probably the only time I did it. But then I grew up and realized how ridiculous I looked when I did that. How embarrassing...

149- girls don't make that face because they're trying to do a 'silly' face. More then half the time they think they look spankin' hot, and do it to look sexy.

TheWrongRight 5

It seems that duck faces are becoming an epidemic....

Well, to me, Me and a couple friends used to do it because we would make fun of girls who did in their picture. We weren't completely serious about it though. And what would be a silly picture if the people don't look stupid in the first place. Do you want them to be serious about it? And you can smile while hiding your teeth too. It's not only the duck face.

But then again duck faces weren't as popular back when I was 14. It use to be a silly face till people tried doing it to look cute. At least where I grew up :O

Yes, because "silly" faces in photos are what I would be going for in every single one of my wedding pictures.

maronofhearts 19

Yeah come on guys we should all do duck faces in our wedding pics because that's what you're paying thousands of dollars for you new FB profile pic. Listen to duffle what's wrong with ruining quite possibly a once in a lifetime event that youll always remember

It's amazing how so many people take an iPhone, look in a bathroom mirror, and take dumb pictures of themselves. First of all, nobody wants to see your bathroom via your profile picture. Secondly, the flash from the phone camera takes up half the picture anyways. Lastly, NOBODY LIKES THE FUCKING DUCKFACE!


Feed her some bread...

thenoobftw 3

185- Your logic makes no sense -.-". Doing the duck face to make fun of people who do the duck face seriously??? That's not making fun of people who do the duck face but joining them.

Girls like Duffle are the ones that make me ashamed of being a teenage girl. Man, fuck society.

Well those were the teenage years, it's funny . And if you hate your teenage years too bad, cause I enjoyed mines :/ that really sucks !

KendratheUnicorn 0

Duffle or whatever, just shut up.

DuffleBagHero, I doubt OP's wife would be doing the duck to try and look 'silly'. It was for their wedding photos..

candiixxoo 3

#149 Is just pissed cuz they do the duck face.

This made my day xD

Dufflebaghero BITCH PLEASE!!

I was scrolling through all the comments to find one girl with a duck face ready to defend the wife haven't found one yet they must've learned

fadingfaith 4

This! Before people used digital cameras, now they're taking mirror pictures with dslrs.

Yourheadache 19

#232, just shut faces are stupid and so are the people who make them...

THANK YOU 312..., if u didn't say it, I would've lol xD

photoshop a smile on every picture

sonrisapreciosa 6

Long live the memories!

Proof that non-duck face looks 100000000000 times better than duck face.

Duck hunting season

v1kt4r 13

hopefully that shot was in the face... the whole.. load :D

hellbilly205 17

2 i was hoping someone would have said that lol

128- We all did, so you just killed it.

2 u look like a vampire!!! ur so pale

I don't get it...

Maybe that's just how her face is. Like a duck. :3

And you're probably a fat cow with improper grammar. Therefore your comment is invalid.

Double tap!!!

deransc 19

You have to title each photo with "BANG"

missyj0 12

Pictures to show the grandchildren!

I'd burn those pictures before anyone saw them. Duckface is the beign of our existences.

Oh my god. It's spelled B-A-N-E!

Calm the fuck down! I appreciate the correction, but damn! Get the pole out of your ass.

I'm bet there will be worse poses by that time...

The frog face almost started to get around, not that famous or ugly as the duck face.

Better get the shotgun

gurly98 13

Bang bang!!! Time for a duck hunt

iamBrody 1

Nah, it's still wabbit season!

iamBrody 1


Da_Bauss435 8

OK, rabbit season Ha! No it's duck season OK, BANG!

failgamer 7

Did anyone else think of a shotgun wedding when he said "better get the shotgun."

itsame0987 18

You should scan them into the computer and edit them all with "Bang! Duck Hunt!"

No indeed. I would call it prolapsed anus face. Maybe that would stop it

Here a duck, there a duck, every where a duck-OP'S WIFE! What's she doing on old MacDonald's farm?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

114 - That made no sense to me. At all.

Vegeto30294 19

Old McDonald had a farm. E, I, E, I, O

Little bit better 220, but not much ..

And you didn't realize this when the pictures were being taken?

@8, I'm sure he was too busy looking at the camera, not starting at her face. There are some pictures where the bride and groom are looking at each other, I guess, but if this is the first time he noticed, then I'd just assume they were both looking at the camera...


How? He's needs to be looking at the camera -_____-

What I meant was how could she get away with it in every picture? A simple "Hey honey, don't ruin the picture." would have prevented the catastrophe in many of them.

I think it's reasonable to assume that not every picture in the album is of them staring at the camera.

Well apparently it wasnt safe to assume since your wrong

105- Your comment is of no use whatsoever.

you're* Where am I wrong? All I'm asking is, how could he not see his wife pulling the duck face in each and every picture throughout the album?

noelykins1 19

I completely agree! And by the way most the time when girls do duck faces they are trying to be silly or they are messing around with friends oh and there's a difference between duck face and kissy face. Duck face is flat lips that kind of look swollen. Kissy face is a pucker of the lips. Oh and how could the husband not dare look at his wife before the camera snapped?

166 he used the right your "Your comment is of no use whatsoever" that your is possessive the one you "corrected" is another way of saying you are aka "you are comment is of no use whatsoever" if you want to be a grammar Nazi at least do it right :/

#256, I was replying to 161.

deransc 19

You're wrong for correcting the correct use of your. You sir, are a dumbass.

Ya thats the best solution, and a good enough reason , especially wasting money on lawyers totally worth it.

Yeah why not. Lol. Jk. I completely agree. People now days look for divorce reasons.

Attorney: What are the grounds for your divorce? OP: She made duck faces in our wedding photos. Attorney: Uh...

skyttlz 32


Why is FML people's solutions to everything breaking up or suing?

Nah, annulment's the way to go. Much less money and much less hassle.

tklone329 0

Damn i hope noone married u?

MoonPhase123 4

Umm. No.

I agree with not divorcing. Not divorce.

60- I think any reasonable divorce court would understand.

Guys.. I feel like 9 was mocking how most FML's related to marriage or relationships everyone says "DIVORCE!" or "DUMP HIM/HER". Because, I was going to do the same thing. You can thumbs up him now.

deransc 19

She needs a duck-face intervention - not a divorce.

You need to sit her down with all her friends and have an intervention.

sickenedwinter86 0

Divorce her... She is clearly an idiot.

For some reason divorce can answer all ur problems... NOT!

Yeah, cause that's such a good reason for a divorce.

cooIbeans 0

i'm interested, really. please, tell me more about your bright ideas :)

What the duck. Are u quackers? There's no need to take flight just because of this minor incident. Had to be done. Peace out bitches

tklone329 0

Damn u really are sick ?! O.o