By booooo - 07/03/2011 21:38 - France

Today, I withdrew €40 at the ATM to pay for dinner later tonight. It wasn't until I went to pay for it that I realized I'd taken the receipt, but left the cash in the ATM. FML
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I guess someones having a good day...on you of course

I feel like that would be the one thing I definitely wouldn't forget after going to the ATM considering that's the reason I went there in the first place


that's y u need to check everything before you leave. especially at the ATM

Infamous_Hawk 6

i know how you feel op, i forgot to get ketchup at lunch today! ]];

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20 - put a shirt on. looks like your lower torso is contorted/ twisted.

ya u shuda checked and made sure u had the money, if it was important to u:/

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Fake FML. In ATM machines if cash is not picked within 15 seconds the cash goes back into the machine and the receipt will not be printed until the cash is received.

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Speaking of ****** up, were you drunk OP? Not that it would excuse your stupidity either way...

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I guess someones having a good day...on you of course

Well geez the cash comes out first lol. Ydi for rushing obviously.

You could contact the bank, they can see who withdrew money after you. But it's a lot of trouble for €40, and I'm not sure if they do that in France too.

well that just sux! lol. how did u pay for it? did you do the dishes?

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That ATM card is also a debit card! :-0 Amazing I know! He probably just didn't want to pay with his card.

I don't know how much that is in dollars since I live in the US but you girl, are either a very distracted person or just a moron. I mean who does that? forget their money at an ATM? and that sucks that you didn't realize it till you were about to pay. you made someone very happy today.

TaTaTanyaHo 5

What does the op being a girl have to do with anything?

It doesn't. It appears as though 11 was using it as a pet name. Replace "girl" with other pet names (e.g. "honey," "dummy," etc.) and it has the same meaning.

We've all done that at some point! Not really an FML, but YDI!

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here's an FML I lost my heart to ur muscles lol jk

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It's quite funny how all you people drool over those "males" with pictures of muscular men. This is the internet. How do you know if that's actually the same person commenting as in the picture, or if it's some 63 year old guy (or girl - who knows?) who pleasures himself (or again - herself) to your comments?

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hahahah you got a point there!xP^^ kind of freeaaky actually..

haha nah it's me I'm 17! and I workout religiously so I ended up with this terrible bod! I like me but I'm not full of myself I jus thought it would make a funny comment!