By LissaMccracken - United States - Bentonville
Today, I was using a public restroom. After about a minute of me being in there, a little girl came in and started pounding on the door, screaming that she had to go. My pregnancy hormones are so bad that I almost burst into tears. FML
LissaMccracken tells us more :
Wow! I must really deserve this! Haha well to clear this up, this restroom was one that had more than one stall. There were plenty of other toilets, she was just upset that the one she wanted was taken. But thanks to all the people saying really nice things!!! It means a lot!
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By  Adam5858  |  17

Did you let her in ? She wouldnt understand if you told her the reason.

  sometimessam  |  16

Why was there only one stall? If it's a public restroom generally there are either a) lots of stalls or b) no stalls, just one toilet in which case it locks outside and no one can get in.


@6- If only that were true! The hormones don't just disappear once the baby is born. The body takes time to adjust, and if one breastfeeds, that helps keeps up the hormone flow as well. Some people feel even more emotionally unstable after pregnancy, postpartum depression is fairly common. That plus the stress of a newborn takes a toll! It's more like 18 years at most, and even then that's a low estimate.

By  jkra  |  6

Then don't let her in. It isn't your moral obligation to help those around you.


I don't see why people are down voting this. If you're using the restroom and some little girl starts banging on the door, you don't have to stop mid-whatever-you're-doing to let her use it instead. She has to wait like everyone else

  nix1993  |  41

I get irrationally mad when this kind of thing happens to me, and I am not pregnant. People really need to teach their kids that it's not ok to just start banging on occupied doors just because they need the toilet, their needs aren't more important than anyone else's! I'm pretty sure people don't deliberately stretch out their time in public restrooms, if it's still occupied then tough tits. I'm really not understanding all the YDI's here!

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

31, you can tell if a stall is occupied by simply trying to push it open. If it's locked, it's occupied, and you wait. No need to look under the door or throw random projectiles into the stall.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

or, just stay with me here you could always check the occupied sign that most locks have the the little green and red thingies, because i'd get pretty fricken mad if a we paper towel was thrown over the stall door

  ast3150  |  13

Kids only care for their own needs until they are ~5-6 years old. It's only after then that they start realizing that others also have their own problems and realize the importance of sharing for example.


My reasoning is don't bother crying. Just push it out, wash up, and get outta there.

  LissaPalumbo  |  14

I'm the author of this FML and I just wanna say, number 8, you must have never been pregnant. When I was pregnant I cried over everything and I could not help it and that does not mean I deserved this.

By  fsomelife  |  26

I don't understand why people are YDI-ing so much...if the reasoning is because OP chose to get pregnant, the hormones are beyond her control, and she doesn't deserve to be too emotional for her liking just because she wants a child. And she can talk about it all she wants; this is FML. Unless the YDIs are to try to make OP cry again for the hell of it. Then I can kinda understand.

Seriously though, good luck to you, OP, and congratulations! :)

  CrabbityAnn  |  10

You can actually judge how bad a parent the little girl has from the fact that she was trying hard not to pee herself. And what exactly about a pregnant woman being hormonal means she's going to be a great mother? You can't judge these things from one tiny snippet of one day

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

I don't see the correlation between bad parenting and kids trying to not wet themselves. I'm pretty sure all kids try not to.
Though OP explains further down that it was a multi-stall one, so the kid was bring a brat in this case.

  silverstream20  |  20

Why is that shocking? Hormones are perfectly natural and they are proven to make the body and mind react in more extreme ways. This is especially true with pregnancies, quicker to anger, quicker to sadness, food cravings, depression. All of these things happen more with increased hormones. So I ask again what's so shocking about it?

  Owltime22  |  12

I agree that she doesn't deserve it, and even if there wasn't a different bathroom, she still can't deserve it. seriously people, if u say she deserves it, ur an asshole, not to be mean.