By Lisa - 18/07/2014 20:21 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, my boyfriend wanted to take me out on a date. He doesn't have a car, but he said he'd borrow transport from his neighbor. He showed up at my house on a ride-on lawn mower. FML
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incoherentrmblr 21

Is your boyfriend the Waterboy, Bobby Boucher?...

Hey man he went through all that trouble, up to the last resort.

I agree c: I don't think it's such a bad thing. Yes you might look a little weird, but if your having a good time with him who cares?

Actually, that's genius! Those things vibrate like crazy.

Aaaaaw ^^, seriously super awesome!! OP, are you a little high maintenance? ;)

Did he hold a radio above his head too?

The radio above his head was from 'Say Anything' with John Cusack, the lawnmower scene was from 'Can't buy me Love' with Patrick Dempsey. Easy A was just drowning in confused 80's movie references.

QueenofWheels 13

I'm sure they meant, "To add the 80s references..."

This reminds me of the movie with Adam sandler, The Waterboy.

I was about to post the same comment, but then I saw yours xD

Dodge4x4Ram 46

You then got on & had a good time RIGHT?

CallMeWindSock 24

It ain't a Ferrari but it'll get you there.

titandesu 14

right?! i mean how much mower could she want?

I guess a ride-on lawn mower just didn't cut it for her.

epilepticloh 20
brettrb 18

Record him driving slowly down the street with loud music & post it on vine. Instant fame I promise.