By supertacowaffle - 28/11/2014 20:47 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, and for the past few days, there is a musical box stuck somewhere in my attic that randomly plays Christmas songs. FML
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supertacowaffle tells us more.

This is my FML :') basically we have a huge box of Christmas decorations up there, but there's hardly any floorboards and they have been put on the spongy floor, and something has moved up there so this box keeps going off, waiting for someone to move it or at least try and get the box out.


I would call my friends and make a search party in the attic!

*Slowly rocking in corner, crying* Jingle bells...jingle bells...

"He'll carve you when you're sleeping, even when you're awake. He needs all your organ bits, to decorate his birthday cake"

don't music boxes have to be wound up every time they play...?

Raxal 21

Just in time for the Christmas Season!

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That's what I thought. Shit like that just doesn't happen out of the blue.

It is creepy and it still hasn't stopped, I'm almost getting used to it now. My mum hasn't gone up there yet so I'm still getting woken up by jingle bells.

God, that's eerie. I hope you'll soon be enjoying a Silent Night once more and you can continue Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree without any unwelcome guests.

Great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

well then merry Christmas!!! ...... Unless you're jewish

aleahlioness 15

Not everyone who's Jewish practices Judaism

I think #10 was trying to say that some people are culturally Jewish but do not identify that way religiously... Still it was totally irrelevant.

man_in_black08 28

The Grudge Part 4: Christmas Special :P least it's an appropriate time of year, though!

I would scour that attic from top to bottom to find that thing.. that's so creepy

Just because they are ghost doesn't mean they can't enjoy christmas. Don't be intolerant of ghosts OP.