By Pissed - 20/06/2016 19:27 - United States - Asheville

Today, I purposefully spilt my 44oz. cup of water on myself at work, because spending the rest of the day in soaking wet pants was less embarrassing than letting people know I'd pissed myself. FML
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MetalxSoldier 26

That sounds like a good plan until they smell the pee on you.

*sees OP's present username* well, I'd say so...


dragoongirl90 34

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Well that's a way to deal with your problems.

*sees OP's present username* well, I'd say so...

MetalxSoldier 26

That sounds like a good plan until they smell the pee on you.

that's most likely not going to happen, with the added water the smell will be greatly decreased, besides it doesn't start to smell until it starts to dry. besides people are so wrapped up in their selves that most people won't even notice and if they do they won't think it's the smell of urine. I've been there, trust me Op's secret is most likely safe.

Hopefully the water may have covered the smell with a "watery" smell.

Don't feel bad op, it happens. I feel for you, especially being diabetic. It has a tendency to sneak up and badly when it does. Nobody will notice, and it will be like it never happened. Do you have a weak bladder or some other sort of condition? Especially if so, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Hope your day gets better!

Sadly, it wouldn't help with the smell (and other people, who haven't gotten used to it, will be much more aware of it).

Im gonna be honest here, I would have done the exact same thing in that situation, and probably will, should it ever arise. No hard feelings OP

That's actually really witty, OP. Like the others have said, it won't shake off the smell, but I'd still say its witty. I might even steal that plan in the future... though I'd rather not have to.

Are you not allowed rest room breaks at your place of employment? (By the way, I bet they could smell it)