By Ruinedchristmas - United States - Wrightsville
Today, I came home after doing some Black Friday shopping for Christmas presents. I told my husband I got the must-have toy our daughter has been dying for. As soon as I said it, I heard squealing and turned around to see her standing right behind me. There goes the surprise. FML
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By  hard_candy  |  25

if you didn't say the actual toy and just said the "must-have toy," you have a chance to front like it's the wrong toy. she will be happier when she finds out it is actually what she wanted!

By  Enslaved  |  36

My parents always gave me one special toy early to tie me over before Christmas. It made that gift extra special and stood out. Christmas was sometimes overwhelming because 10/15 great gifts were difficult to decide what to play with first. I plan to pass that same tradition down.