By notthenaughtymaid - 04/08/2014 21:54 - United States - Cedar Bluff

Today, I posted an ad online for house cleaning services. So far, all fifteen responses have been solicitations for sex. FML
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Wow those people are so DIRTY :)

Do you clean clocks?


This isn't YouTube get outta here.

Ya well I care so you can fuck off

Wow those people are so DIRTY :)

Go to your room to think about what you've done

Anyone see Nicki Minaj's anaconda video. Godamn!

That's one of the best puns ever maid.

Do you clean clocks?

Zero_TAlent_ 23

I think we all read that wrong! Haha!! You got me friend!!

I have a crack on my screen that goes right through the 'L' in clocks... yeah. :/

Let the thumbing down commence

I had the first comment but it was erased in case you were wondering

karatekid97 17

I guess you're attracting the wrong type of maid....

She wants to be a maid, not hire one.

DontClickOnMe 28

Maybe try posting the ad on a different website? Also, maybe put an ad in the newspaper. Good luck. =)

Different Country ... if applicable ...

You'd think that by now people know to steer clear of craigslist.

I guess they think its all roleplay fantasy. ... weird.

They need a good cleaning themselves

I guess it's just one of those fantasies that most guys have. It's probably disgusting to you OP but if you posted your picture or anything like that with the ad it just means that many of the people that saw it found you attractive. Add the fact that you could be their maid, and it's instant fantasy land.

Looks like you're in the wrong business.