Just a prank, bro!

By ilovemymomma - 26/05/2012 07:15 - United States - Hereford

Today, my friends switched my mom and my girlfriend's numbers in my phone. I sexted my mom. FML
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Clever bastards. The question is, how long did the sexting last?

pinkpixie06 11

Given the nature of this fml, your name is both sweet and disturbing. :-/


Clever bastards. The question is, how long did the sexting last?

The question is, why were you sexting in the first place? If you want to be romantic show up to your girlfriend's house naked.

Ahh, the naked man. It only works 2/3 times.

HIMYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loveeeeee that showwwww

Might have gone on for a while since his GF was pumped she was finally getting some sexts now

No, his *girlfriend* wasn't getting 'sexts'.

14- I love HIMYM! *high fives ya and anyone else who watches it*

Yes 46 that's what makes it a joke. Implying (jokingly) that he normally sends sexts to his mom.

Ok. I (jokingly) understand what you're saying.

#87 Oh, I get it, 6/9, sexting, sex, 69, your profile picture shows your female and that's why it's thumbed up. I get it Thumbs up

Why would me being female result in my comments being thumbed up...?

xoconnie 8

FYL, if ur mom is anything like mine... ur dead :/

It's a bummer, that in 2012 all these ******* kids tricked themselves into believing that, real friends treat you like shit because your so darn close.. Forever alone and proud!

#118 ahh, right. It all makes sense now. I feel like I can do anything, knowing that my basic anatomy will ensure my success. -.-

ChrisTheCalm 9

#113 don't think of it like that. Once women were thought of as just housewives. You could always just try that. And basically he's saying all it takes for a thumbs up is a clever sexual comment made by an attractive girl for guys to thumb up like the pigs they are.

Well autocorrect doesn't work as an excuse here...

"Yup yup yup." -Ducky (Land Before Time) Don't judge me.

"I want to put whipped cream all over your **** and lick it all off. -WHAT? Son, we are going to have to have a very serious discussion when you get home -Erm, I meant to say that I'll be home late because I have a group assignement. Damn autocorrect." Yeah, that would work.

blondebrunette11 4

"I want to **** you so bad right now" "What.." "Oh I meant Hey.. Stupid autocorrect"

Can just hear Kelso's voice here: "Oh! that's a good burn!!"

pinkpixie06 11

Given the nature of this fml, your name is both sweet and disturbing. :-/

Haha I love when people point out stuff I didn't notice

pavlovaaLOVE 7

Lmfao !!! Too true. U wouldn't know whether to think its sweet or cringe in disgust

I'm gonna go with the cringing...

beastroish 0

Well, good luck trying to explain why you wrote that!

Sexing is a bad idea. Phone companies keep text messages on servers for 1 year after they have been sent.

Yeaaah.. And what does that have to do with my comment?

#92 was just trying to steal your comment. There are a lot of these douchebags out there.

subversivefreak 2

You "should" hope that #15, but the question is... Do you??? *queue the Dramatic Background Music*

Shoot is she extremely religious and conservative? Better have a good explanation, like your friend borrowed your phone and did it on purpose to get you in trouble.

Or grow a pair and be a man about it...if he's old enough and man enough to text, he needs to be man enough about it when confronted and fess up to his own actions.

unknown_user5566 26

I didn't realize there was an minimum age or minimum manliness required to text.

bizarre_ftw 21

"Gosh honey, I had no idea you felt this way Let's discuss it over coffee, love mom ;)

Psycho_Babydoll 26
KM96 24

What the hell? It's his mum, he had a girl friend! Your comment Is creepy!

siickman 7

Her comment isnt the inly thing thats creepy. The default and the name make me scareeeed >.

lol #38, the default is her (I assume, at least) with Emilie Autumn.

1crabbygirl 10

It's called rubbing it in, and I think it's funny.

bizarre_ftw 21

20 - if you're not looking to be creeped out then you're lost, FML is for dads that find their daughter's boyfriends dressed up as sex clowns and taped to the ceiling of their shed