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Today, I quit my job that my girlfriend and I worked together at. Fellow employees are not allowed to date one another and I said it would be ok if I was the one to leave. When I got home to her and told her that I quit, she decided to break up with me. I now have no job and no girlfriend. FML
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By  Intoxicunt  |  5

If you can afford to quit in the first place, her leaving you just makes it that much easier: No expensive dates, gifts, etc.
That was predictable, though.
It's like getting someone's name tattooed on your ass: You're just asking for the relationship to end.

  summer99  |  0

that's what i'm saying! everyone's like desperate for a job, and this guy's giving up for his relationship? YDI all the way. never base your decisions on some girl or some guy. you'll get screwed everytime.

By  chicagofireallez  |  0

some people are unbelievable. YDI for not reading a newspaper once in awhile. Do you realize how high the unemployment rate is right now? Meanwhile, I can't throw a bottle without hitting a decent looking woman here in Chicago, which is in the same state as you. Get your priorities straight.

  djb23  |  0

I'm joking man, you're entitled to your opinion. As far as Wrigley Field goes, I'm a sox fan so I'll just tell you that it's no coincidence that it's located in the heart of Boystown and leave it at that... and again, I'm sure there are other great cities out there but all I know is, nothing beats Chicago in the summer time.

By  f_u_u_f_f  |  0

Um, yeah. Don't ever take a job or quit a job for somebody else, unless it is in a serious relationship. (Ex: you are engaged to a guy and both of you plan to move to a new location.)