By Sarah - 19/10/2010 23:06 - United States

Today, I finally quit the job that I've been complaining about. Before I could tell my husband, he informed me that he had been laid off, and was thankful we still had my income. FML
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Why didnt you consult your husband before quitting?

At least you had a job! Even if it sucked, in today's economy you should have just sucked it up and looked for something better before you quit. ydi completely.


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YDI For having a job YDI For having a husband

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Lmao, good point at the end. FHL

YDI for not talking about such important life changes with your husband first before making such extreme changes

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I completely agree with 59, YDI Op.

At least you had a job! Even if it sucked, in today's economy you should have just sucked it up and looked for something better before you quit. ydi completely.

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I agree completely. It's more of an FML for the husband though, I feel sorry for him.

Totally agreed. Why would you quit before finding another job ? That's just stupid.

YDI. Why complain when hundreds of people are jobless and are trying to support their families in this economy? In my opinion you seem like a spoiled brat.

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6 - way to jump to conclusions without having any idea about who they are or what circumstances were involved....

regardless of what my opinion is, op should have communicated with her husband and see if it would be a good idea to quit her job. now they are both screwed.

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Reminds me of 'Fun With Dick and Jane'. "Mommy quit her job!!"

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YDI. Quitting your job before finding a new one is bad enough as it is... But not discussing it with your husband so you could both save up or prepare first in case this happened? You absolutely deserve it. **** your life for the rough time ahead, but you acted immaturely. Everything in a marriage is shared, especially lifestyle-altering decisions. You're an idiot, and a pretty bad spouse for not considering all possibilities and your husband.

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I do hope your neighbor, who teaches every subject in high school and college after teaching 6th grade for years, knows a guy selling a sporting goods store that your family just happens to love and sells it to you rather than other bidders, because he wants to keep it a family store, but he had a daughter who doesn't want it. Anyone get the TV show reference?

no:8 pretty much summed it up better than me.

Danny once again beat me to it and said everything I was going to say. FYL, OP, but YDI. Best of luck to you, mate.

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Sinkhole is made of win =) Best show evah! ;P

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Get a job at Burger King, I hear they have great employee benefits.

you literally made me laugh out load, as I just got done reading that other fml!

I love a well-placed typo. Get that checked out if you leak every time you laugh.

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Sorry, but making such a rash decision without informing your significant other first or lining up another job beforehand or checking your finances to ensure you could survive for at least a few months with no income... total YDI. Good luck in the poorhouse.