By crystalpistol - 16/08/2010 02:15 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, right after I turned down an amazing job opportunity in another location, just so I could be with him. FML
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Raleigh_bruh 7

Put your career first. If he wanted to be there with you he'd make it happen.


what a jerk time to tp, egg, his house jolly rancher his windows and kick him in the nuts

Well your a woman so you shouldn't be working anyway. YDI

YDI for your boyfriend breaking up with you, right after you turned down an amazing job opportunity in another location, just so you could be with him.

Did you talk to him about your decision first? Gdmfposgacsafpisfwmaipt!

mistired 0
FFML_314 11

Sorry, I forgot that I was supposed to finished his sentence. glistening hair is like the gorgeous sunrise on a breezy summer morning.

hellokittywhore 0

YDI for being such dumb twat!! really Turing Down something that amazing for a douchebagg like your now EX boyfriend. smh -_- I feel bad for you but still YDI.

FFML_314 11

Mistired, when you say "nae nae your beautiful" you are telling her that something she owns is beautiful, therefore Freeze was curious to know, what is it that she owns do you find to be beautiful. Now, if you were trying to tell her she's beautiful, the correct statement would be, "Naenae you're beautiful." or "Naenae you are beautiful." Do you get it?

mtl_gtrst1723 0

29- haha awesome way to finish his sentence. your life sucks,OP but at the same time u kinda deserve it for not noticing that thing weren't so great with your boyfriend

mistired 0

ohh i see. thanks 38. anyways nae nae you're gorgeous :)

FFML_314 11

You dirty, rotten, little, (beep) I give you the ingredients to formulate a grammatically correct sentence and you still manage to mess it up. See if I ever help you again.

knibbsy 4

Mirorbo, I would love to meet you in person. I think I would actually pay money to meet you. I need to find out exactly what you are...

Blue_Coconuts 7

11, are you 8? Vandalism is really immature, and frankly probably would just reaffirm why he dumped OP in the first place.

mtl_gtrst1723 0

who said u have to be 8 to commit vandalism? I'm 18 and I would do it.

Chrisskiies 0

You deserve it for being stupid.

I feel bad for anyone who meets you, 11. OP is supposed to egg the ex boyfriends house because he broke up with her? I am going to take a well educated guess and say the OP didn't talk about the opurtunity with her boyfriend, and for all we know the boyfriend could have been as nice as possible about the break up.

is anyone else here sick and tired of skroals comments? does he think hes funny? pathetic lowlife.....but yea op never turn now a good job offer, especially in this economy

TheOptimist, your comment was quite refreshing.

Anaxes 5

#71: Perhaps he's a well known Psychiatrist who makes more in a year than you will in your lifetime. Perhaps you're the pathetic lowlife that isn't funny. Who knows, Ravel may know, talk to him.

Sounds like an episode of "How I Met Your Mother".

ucofresh 4

Agreed.. Dude needs to get a life or laid perhaps.

itsme3623 6

eh, YDI for turning down the job just for him. No matter how much you love someone you always gotta put yourself first, for reasons exactly like this. If you guys were meant to be you could have done long-distance for awhile until something worked out.


wow this is a real FML!!! sorry OP FYL!!

Hahaha wow, I would be really pissed if u were you

FFML_314 11

WHOA WHOA WHOA! If OP is not OP, than who is she? You are opening up doors to whole new worlds here buddy and I for one, don't care for it.

oboewhore_xD 6

What an asshole. -.- I say egg his house.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Put your career first. If he wanted to be there with you he'd make it happen.

hellokittywhore 0

exactly what I was thinking. >_€ girls now days are so desperate for some lovin they'll do anything. Shame.

If she put her career first and he had to "make it work", then that may mean he has to give up his career for her and how is that any different than what she did. What really matters is priorities and comprimise to find out how 2 people in love can make it work. The problem here is that they weren't on the same page romantically. But what do I know I'm just a kid who'll prolly never get laid lol

I couldn't agree with you more 41. I've seen girls do some crazy stupid shit just to keep a man around, it's not worth it. It's disgusting, it's a real shame like you said!!

What an ass! :( Taking a risk like that for a guy is always kind of a toss-up, though-- but I'd be a hypocrite if I acted all high-and-mighty and said that you deserved it. Everyone is susceptible to losing oneself in a relationship and therefore giving up certain things for the sake of the other person. Sorry, OP. That's a real bummer. :/

Well, if there's one thing we've all learned here darling, it's NEVER turn down amazing job opportunities. Even if the job description might not be what you had in mind. Not that I would know what that's like! Fuhohohoho....

Hey now!~ The job description was calling for a very talented trainer with an opportunity to wield a unique Pokemon, living space provided, and very lovely pay! How was I to know I'd wind up in a criminal organization?

knibbsy 4

My comment posted in the wrong place, so please refer to #46 above, Mirorbo. Or whoever else.~

Well that's unfortunate, but you'll find someone else and you'll have other job opportunities :)

FFML_314 11

Knock him out, tie him up and throw him in your trunk, take him to the nearest furniture store, (after hours) break in and drag him to the "office" section, strip him of his clothes and duct tape him to a computer chair. Put a sign around his neck that says, "Will **** chickens for money."

Seriously, dear. I recommend you see a specialist!~

FFML_314 11

Mmhmm, you're next, darling.

Chrisskiies 0

Fuohoho* This comment bug is annoying the shit out of me, literaly.

I was thinking of that this mornin ffml. haha I remember on southpark the chicken lover, and my grandpa once gave mouth to mouth to a chicken for free, if the moneys right...? lol

Literally?! So, you just shat your pants b/c of the comment bug?!

Chrisskiies 0

No I happened to be in the bathroom at he time, so I dodged a stained pant ;) lol

YDI for entering the job market. YDI for not making his sammiches properly. NO MAYO!

xxniteskie 1

I'm pretty positive I laugh at every one of your "sammich" comments. I thank you for the comic relief :)