By Anonymous
Today, I finished hauling all of my possessions from another state, because I was supposed to move in with my girlfriend. I was just waiting to find a job. Almost as soon as my stuff was delivered, she broke up with me and told me to figure out getting it all back by myself. FML
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By  Henry8cooper  |  15

Yes - I get it - now you moved your underwear and stuff - so she should feel obligated to live with you ever after.

Because living with someone who doesn't really want you will make you happy. You are in a not very pleasant situation,that normally would be worthy of a FML. But your focus on her 'obligation' to you changes things a bit.

  Memnoc  |  26

They had planned on moving in together. She moved first, he was waiting for work. As soon as most of his stuff arrived, she broke up with him and he now has to move back. Yeah, she definitely dropped the ball on that one. She should have let him know BEFORE he paid for and moved his stuff, not after.

By  Nhayaa  |  21

Ah! It's a bad week for you, guys! A man had a similar story on the french FML! His girlfriend moved in, broke up less than a week after and left before even unpacking! 😆