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Today, I'm a 23 year old girl who often has to wear two pairs of socks. I don't have four feet, but I have no boobs. FML
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I agree with 7, 8 and 13. I love someone with a flat chest. ...oh and a penis

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no one cares. you can stop showing off and pretending you hate your boobs.


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thanks to the guys for being honest. im only a b and my boyfriend tells me he like them anyways and i always thought he was lying to make me feel better. maybe hes really being honest

Small boobs are better. When u get old big ones get all saggy. Haha suckers!

My bad, this is posta be on a different question.... Awkward. I fail.

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I used to feel like I had smallish boobs. I'm a 36c but my friends all have biggish boobs like d and dd but than I had to tape my boobs down for a play... Couldn't breath... Swore I'd never complain again. Haha

Boobs are boobs...if a guy doesn't like boobs regardless of size then I'd say there's an issue

I agree with 7, 8 and 13. I love someone with a flat chest. ...oh and a penis

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haha that's great #2 made my day!!!!!! I'm a 42D and would die if my boobs were an B and no I'm not fat just blessed .... except I have really bad back problems

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then again if I bend over my boobs are so heavy my bra straps break. I have back problems really bad as I already said,and i'm only 16!!! I need to have most of my shirts custom tailered to fit my wait and hips and my boobs most shirts are to big on my wait and hips and fine fir my boobs or vice versa. and I always and getting guys staring at them or angry wifes telling me. it accualy really bugs!! yay for small boobs!!!

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no one cares. you can stop showing off and pretending you hate your boobs.

don't hate on her I know someone who had boob reduction and she's so much more happy with her body now that's she's not like A double d or maybe it was a triple?

uh, you say you're not fat, but you're a 42D. D isn't that huge, in fact, it's normal-ish. 42, however, is pretty massive :l Also, your name should be AttentionWhore

Leave her alone, she doesn't look fat in her picture, provided that is her, which it probably is. Most girls at my school aren't at D, and not allot of adults Ive seen are either, (I'm in high school btw, and I'm not including obese or underweight people). For my personal preference, big boobs are nice, but there is a point where they can be too big for me. But I don't mind the more flat chested girls either. As long as the chest isn't so flat as to make it look like I'm fooling around with a 9 year old pre-pubescent girl.

yeah.. what #85 said. here, you only see someone in a D if they're fat. most people at my school are B's & C's

hellokittywhore looks pretty fat to me =/ and again my opinion

yeah, maybe that's why hellokittywhore has a headshot..

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There's no way your bra straps break when you're a 42D unless you're buying tissue paper bras. I'm a 32DDD with horrid back problems and even my bra straps don't break. 42 as a waist size with D's isn't that rare.

I'm just gonna put this out there, your comment #2. 7, 8, and 13 didn't exist when you posted this comment. Check the times if you don't believe me.

If your waist is so big its a size 42... Id think D would be rather small compared to the rest if you. I'm a 34 G, and measuring my breasts, they are 42' around. I dont mean to be mean... but I'd consider losing weight, or lyposuction over a breast reduction.

#2 haha your awesome why did hellokittywhore bother to comment no one cares

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the girl does not look fat people.

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I'm a D 32 and weigh 110 ponds and am 5'5, now who of y'all said only fat girls have D's? :(

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Umm ima 38 DD and not fat so stfu about only fat girls having big boobs...although she's bein kinda annoying

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Honestly, guys? She is being an annoying attention ***** but sitting there and calling her fat just makes you all look like *****. Grow up.

Maybe hellokittywhore just hates her boobs. Oh well, you don't have to be a bitch about it. She doesn't look FAT. She might be a little overweight, but that's it. I, honestly, think she's beautiful. As long as she doesn't think she's fat, it's okay. If she does think she's fat, I blame you *******.

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Exactly people are like oh I got 42 dd's but it's like bitch you're fat!!! 42 is huge! The number is how large you are around.

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42 is actually a rather big band size. Its the measurement of around your ribcage, not around your boobs. I'm not super skinny or anything but I'm a 32DD because I have a small ribcage and larger boobs.

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You're not "fat", just "blessed"? Bull. 42 is the measurement around your rib cage, so unless you have humongous popping out ribs, there is no way you are just "blessed". I've lost 85 lbs, I'm down to a 32 band size, but still a DDD. That's "blessed". My size went up as I lost weight. And unless your wearing paper bras, how do your bra straps break every time you bend over? You have to learn to live with them. Yeah, you'll get a lot of stares, but even if you we're small chested, guys will be guys. Still calling bull on you. -Apprentice Out

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Sorry #16, was meant for #67.

Your comment is better than the original post :D

Honestly people you don't know her, she just gave her opinion, besides am I seriously the only one here who thinks #66 is hot?

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The D refers to the size of the breast in relation to the rib cage (how much bigger the breast are than the rib cage) and the 42 is the rib cage size I believe.

theres nothing wrong with being flat, anyway look at it like this - you wont have saggy pendulous breasts when you're older, score one for small ****!

@ #16: No, most likely your boyfriend isn't lying. Media want both men and women to think 'bigger is always better' and it simply isn't true. My boyfriend of 5 years loves my size. I was a late bloomer and had A/B size for years until my hormones normalized and kicked in around 20yrs old. I'm edging in on a C cup now and though he doesn't mind one bit, he also loved me when I was smaller. "Anything more than a handful is a waste", he told me. Good thing he has large hands. ;)

u r sooo luckey my bf wuz talkn 2 this other gurl n he called me "flat momma" cuz i am kindah flat. then again im only 13 but ugh bein flat is annoying.

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....... you don't need boobs when you are13.

do you think i want them? i was a c cup at 13.

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I'm 13 and a C gets annoying because it feels like I can never carry on a normal conversation with a thankful for having small boobs.

I'm thirteen and flat chested. You don't need boobs it's just that if your small you do get made fun of :-/

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Maybe you don't NEED them but I'm thirteen and pushing a c cup.

good god! 13 and a c cup... i no 16 yr olds who cant even fit into an A. all i hav to say is b/c is the best size in my opinion but you just hav to love wat u got:)

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My sis is 13 and is in a 36B She always was an early bloomer....

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Im 13 and am a D cup. It comes with its pros and cons... Mostly cons

#65 You don't need boobs or a boyfriend at that when you are thirteen.

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I'm 13 and am an a cup, but in some bras I'm a b :/ nearing b now though, plus there are a lot of girls in my grade who are flat. It's not that bad really, though I also have a boyfriend, he doesn't care about my boob size, but of course guys will be guys with staring. I know this comment is a little random, but there is also a girl in my grade that has c cups but my friend and I think she's faking because the padding is visible and it's about an inch thick, it's pathetic really.

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yeah, for a long while I liked smaller ones a lot more than larger ones. Now I don't care, but I still don't like them if they are too big. I don't really know what cup size that is, but probably D+ is too big for my tastes.

As a gay male, I can honestly say that I don't give a shit. WOO-HOO, BRING ON THE DICKS.

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You do realize in this comment you wrote everything twice.

Lmfao ok I was having a horrible day and you just made it lol :)

I went to college in calgary. A girl there was a friend of a friend with the same name as you. She had smaller breasts... but she was also one of the hottest looking girls I have ever seen.

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neither does kate moss...small boobs can be sexy.

i prefer smaller boobs rather then the large ones. big ones scare me ;D

I prefer small ones because I don't like them. Besides, who gives a **** about boobs' sizes? They still have the same function...and no, NOT for being boy toys.