By AmberHavoc - 02/01/2013 15:01 - United Kingdom

Today, I got so drunk that I decided it was a good idea to get naked and jump on a trampoline in the back of a neighbour’s garden. Said neighbour is a police officer. FML
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Haha you deserved that one. Maybe you should stop getting wasted? There's a thought.

ripresno 10

This is why alcohol is bad, kids


Haha you deserved that one. Maybe you should stop getting wasted? There's a thought.

It would have been better if OP had said his age, so we could know wether he was streaking, and underage drinking, or just streaking.

Although I should have read the whole thing before judging, I instantly decided they deserved it simply because of the beginning.

Maybe it was New Year's Eve? How do you know that he always gets wasted?

Werken247 14

What if he is a she? See the name...

Or maybe this is actually Peter Griffin and his neighbor is Joe!

ripresno 10

This is why alcohol is bad, kids

No. This is why you drink responsible and handle your alcohol kids..

Your picture is my wallpaper ! Small world !(;

You heard that alcohol is bad when you were a kid, but you drink it now anyways. Teach them like equals.

Alcohol brings out the best in all of us! And it frequently makes my job entertaining

Pretty sure if he wasn't home there would be no FML. It would just be an IASD (I am so dumb).

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think the FML is that he was...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Sorry 21, I didn't see that you had commented before I did.

Look on the bright side. At last you weren't chewing on electrical cords.

nycwrestler 17

Why reference a completely different fml?

So many questions, no real answers, leaves only place for individual expressions

Oh 19 I see what you did there "plug in"

Cops like a good story to share while eating their donuts.

User name Amber. Makings of a good doughnut story.

haha that comment man, that made my day right there. that's perfect && needs to be idolized in all future FMLs about cops

Some things are great together - e.g. cookie dough, chocolate chips, and vanilla ice cream. However this is more like carrots, cheese, and semi-skimmed milk. Tasty individually, and sometimes can combine nicely if you only pick two, but together they are an unholy disaster formed from a six-year-old's misunderstanding of what 'salad dressing' actually is.

I think that's the longest way of saying "alcohol and nakedness do not mix well"! It made me chuckle. :)

Hey trampolines are fun anytime. Especially when naked and drunk. I do that all the time. If the neighbor was fun they would have joined in.

~Totally! Nothing like doing a backflip whilst helicoptering.~

Jumping on a trampoline drunk is fun as hell. I don't know whose trampoline it was, but that didn't make it any less fun.

anitadoody 7

It's not that stupid he did it, but it's f***ing stupid he got caught doing it.

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63 - If you feel the need to censor yourself on a site in which it is not required, how about just not curse at all? You clearly have an issue with it and censoring it makes you look ******* stupid.

Could've been worse, he could've walked out and tazed your bare drunk ass

Lay low for a while, if he doesn't confront you, you dodged a bullet. If shit hits the fan, there isn't much you can do.