By scribbler8 - 14/10/2011 09:35 - Canada

Today, at work, a customer asked for my number. When I declined, he made a huge scene, shouting and scaring other customers. He tipped me seven cents. FML
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Should have gave a fake number...

atleast he didnt stiff the bill, you got some sort of a tip, and you didnt give your number to what seems like a real ass hole.


atleast he didnt stiff the bill, you got some sort of a tip, and you didnt give your number to what seems like a real ass hole.

Yeah agreed. A guy like that is restraining order worthy if he has your number or address.

Nice! 7 cents! You are on your way OP :)

Randy84 10

Guys like that are why college girls across America have to carry whistles at night.

je_suis_fml 11

whistles or stun guns and mace?

Everyone's giving this guy crap despite the fact that he made OP 7 cents richer. That's quite the fortune she came across!

Did you keep the 7 cents? A profit is a profit

Funny u say that randy cuz in ur picture u look like a serial rapist

Numeral 4

Should have gave a fake number...

True.. In Holland we have a number everyone uses as fake number, and when he speaks into you voicemail it can be broadcasted on the radio.

Why didn't she just say she has a boyfriend?

I disagree with this. Giving the guy ANYTHING, even a fake number, would only validate his lousy behaviour. OP did right.

Well he could have came back the next day and asked why it doesn't ring..

52 for a gramer nazi you're description hasnt no gramer watsoever?

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should should of gave him one of you guy friends number, now that's am awkward call I will like to hear.

Oh those awkward moments when you realize you've been duped... Priceless. Too bad you don't always see the reaction face.

At least it wasnt 69¢ , along with a wink .

Are u a real soldier or is that just a costume?

You're supposed to play along getting a huge tip not make a scene and get 7 cents

She contributed by not giving him her number there was many ways around this. Aka not really her number, like above comments have already stated.

Sounds like one of the more generous Canadian tippers...

AkameGaKill 11

OP didn't owe that guy anything

Just say he tried grabbing your ass and you caught him.

At least someone really wanted your number!(:

That's the way to look at it. At least someone is interested... Someone who doesn't know how to react when getting declined a number. I wonder what he'd do if his proposal or something got turned down.

jekyllf 13

Yeah. I'm surprised more women, especially those who work retail, don't keep a fake number in their repertoire for such occasions. Best just to give someone a fake number and let it be.

Yea, but in my neighborhood, lots of people already know the "rejection" hotline guess they get rejected alot, so if she used a fake number, he may have known it and made it worse!!! lol

Just give him the number to the nearest gay bar.

tweetypie 18

What if he's a regular and comes in the next day angry that he was bamboozled?

next time just give the guy your local rejection hotline phone number. you can find it at