By sonofawackjob - United States - Syracuse
Today, my raving lunatic mother screamed at me for being "disrespectful", threatened to not pay for my college, swore at me, and accused me of having multiple personality disorder, all in rapid succession. This was provoked by me sneezing. FML
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By  Bubbles77777  |  11

After reading your post& then seeing your name I literally laughed out loud haha haha:) :) your name is hilarious:):) & hey tell her the apple don't fall far from the tree:):)

By  Glowworm56  |  25

Well, in the olden days, people did think that sneezing was a sign of attempting to get rid of evil spirits. A simple "God Bless You" from your mother would have sufficed.

  Ciara Koch  |  21

I'm guessing the mother has the money too and the kid would just be a broke college student spending years to work off that debt college loans are awful and if the parent can save the child from them they should it's like if someone bought you a Ferrari and then someone who had bought there own came up to you and said ever thought about paying for your own Ferrari it's rude just because you did it doesn't mean everyone else has too especially if the parents are rich she probably didn't ask for it it likely was offered to her

By  Ric Gray  |  10

I feel you dude, it's rough having parents with mental disorders. my mom kicked me out whenbI was seventeen because the cat knocked down a speaker.

we went years without talking, but now we're pretty close.

the moral of this story is don't depend on your crazy mom.