By mags89 - 25/02/2015 14:18 - United States

Today, my boss used Siri to settle a debate we were having in our team meeting. Siri responded by calling him "Daddy". FML
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mags89 tells us more.

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He's divorced and has three kids. All grown. He set it that way himself. He was a pretty good sport though and everyone laughed about it.


Throw your hands in the air, if you'se a true player.

the boss' version "Today I used Siri in a business meeting. too bad I realized I had made it call me 'Daddy' only until after it spoke up in front of my team... Fml"

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Should HAVE. Siriously (...I'm sorry), when did everybody start making that mistake?

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Some people have quite the strange relationship with Siri I've noticed!!

There's nothing strange about it. She's the only woman who will talk to me. You love me don't you, Siri?

I try to have a 'strange relationship' with Siri, but he (I changed the voice to a man's voice) never allows it. It is always: "I don't know you that well" and "you're crossing a line, don't make me get a restraining order". Like Siri can do any better, he doesn't even have any hands.

FYL? More like **** His Life. That must've been embarrassing.

He deserved it, because Siri will only call you what you tell her to call you.

The man knows what he wants. That's why he's the boss. ...The fact that what he wants is a kinky phone, is a whole 'nother matter..

More like F his life. That has to be extremely awkward for both you and your boss...

How did the team react? Was it laughter or shock?