By mags89 - United States
Today, my boss used Siri to settle a debate we were having in our team meeting. Siri responded by calling him "Daddy". FML
mags89 tells us more :
He's divorced and has three kids. All grown. He set it that way himself. He was a pretty good sport though and everyone laughed about it.
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  Miss_Chevious  |  37

the boss' version
"Today I used Siri in a business meeting. too bad I realized I had made it call me 'Daddy' only until after it spoke up in front of my team... Fml"

  ksks1234  |  33

I try to have a 'strange relationship' with Siri, but he (I changed the voice to a man's voice) never allows it. It is always: "I don't know you that well" and "you're crossing a line, don't make me get a restraining order". Like Siri can do any better, he doesn't even have any hands.