By arrowtopatella - 24/12/2011 05:15 - Australia

Today, my mother was watching me play Pokémon. She walked over to the TV and pulled the plug before ranting about how shameful it is that her 17 year old daughter plays Pokémon. She then sat down at the computer and started playing Farmville. FML
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Hey guys, I'm the OP of this FML. I was playing XD- Gale of Darkness, one of my favourites. Alas there is no 'elite 4' as such in the Orre region, I was in the middle of catching a rare Wooper at a PokeSpot which I could have traded for an awesome Larvitar. Sigh. Rich world problems, I know. And yes, shock horror, I am a female that plays Pokemon, le gasp. And also I do play old-school Mario and stuff, I've been a Nintendo fangirl ever since I was little, occasionally migrating to other consoles to play things like Skyrim (No CoD for me though, thank you very much. Blegh.)

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Unplug the router while she's harvesting.

17 year old girl playing Pokemon? Marry me.


yoursucklives 36

If she was playing it on the tv, I doubt it had all the original Pokemon.

She can still pick charmander. :) I'm hoping it was Pokémon stadium. But they do have things where you can play the cartridges on the TV. And puh OP! Tell your mom to grow up. I am 23 and still play pokémon. To bad black and white sucked.

biasedshooter 24
MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I've been playing Pokemon since I was 10. I played Farmville a couple years ago. I got bored after a few minutes.

Could be red or blue on a super gameboy! Maybe even fire red or leaf green through the game boy player!

That bitch needs her priorities straight. NO ONE is too old for Pokemon!

I've played/watched pokemon for 13 years and I still find it awesome except the newest stuff

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I've plugged my iPod into my tv with a special cable and Cydia app and played Pokemon on my tv (fire red)

drewfus2 6

Charmander? Squirtle is where it's at!

CoolRainbowdash 15

To OP:Don't let your mom say shit about Pokémon.

A girl who plays Pokémon. . . Marry me! :o P.S. Pikachu all the way!! >:D

you're 17 year old who play pokemon who is also a girl? marry me

I would've given her a Mean Look if she did that to me. Pokémon is the shiz.

yourlifesfucked 0

Why is everyone hating on Squirtle? Everyone knows that Blastoise is the best of the original 151... Gotta start somewhere. P.S. I started with Bulbasaur, then I converted to Squirtleism.

123- I prefer squirtle too. He's the cutest and Blastoise is the best. ^_^ ignore the thumbs down they just like the dragon

Fire pokemon are goid to start with in the new games becauase they are hard to obtain... But water all the way:D If you were playing coloseum then go espion!!!

Or Cyndaquil or Torchik or Chimchar or Tepig (^_-)

I remember waking up at 7:00 in the morning to watch the triumvirate of Ash, Brock, and Misty. The days...

That's what I'm saying cant find to many girls that play video games, even rarer to find one who enjoys the classics:D

SxeDaze 13

Meowth all the way . After i saw the episode where he learns how to speak i was hooked. Meowzie is still a ***** for not going back with meowth. (smh)

TigerNicole 6

Omg I love pokemon and I'm 17 I also love mw3 and Zelda and god if war and all kinds of games

Unplug the router while she's harvesting.

SpruceDread4578 13

Unless she's an've heard the stories on the news.

Well OP would just have to bank on the fact that her mom probably plays farmville on fb cuz she knows next to nothing about computers if u simply unplug the router and plug it back in she will never know and u can blame it on something crazy like sunspots, microwaves, or bad connections to satellites sometimes. But I hate when parents stop the gaming it sucks

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Damn hypocrites, just like the government.

sinking_fish 12

Walk over and power down her computer! (Though I can't promise you won't get in trouble)

Hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Blatant, stupid hypocrisy deserves a swift one in The Tenders occasionally, figuratively speaking. :) I hit fyl.

Uninstall her FarmVille app and tell her you think it's shameful that she spends x amount of time growing imaginary crops.

Farmville crops are imaginary? You mean I'm NEVER actually getting a delivery of ... NOOOOOOOOOOO

kazthesb 10

17 year old girl playing Pokemon? Marry me.

I don't always ask girls to marry me, but when I do, they play Pokémon.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

This comment x 4. You girls are a hard find around my area. Especially since your playing on a console, meaning you could only be playing stadium 1 or 2, coliseum, or the one on the wii; and lets face it no one plays those but real lovers.

Whaaat where are you guys I play pokémon and I don't think I've ever been proposed to :( oh to be a nerd :3

SpruceDread4578 13

52- Marry me? Tadah! You've been..proposed to?

I love pokemon! And I'm a 17 year old girl XD

IKickPuppiesHard 16

52- Marry m.....wait a minute. 16!! *backs away slowly*

Glitterhinoceros 14

Pokemon is for pros of all ages. Scyther c:

lindseykcool 6

I used to get depressed whenever I was finished playing the games and realized that none of the Pokemon were real.. I still do. which is why I have a giant stuffed Pikachu.

Capt_Awesome137 0

I will marry all of you gals :D

The_Troller 14

Why are there no pokemon playing girls near me? In my whole school of 1600+ people, there are only about 10 that play pokemon, and all of them are guys... PS: Gen 3 had the best starters, but squirtle/Blastoise was cool too

The_Troller 14

I would say marry me, but I think it's illegal at my age.

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cruforlife 5

Baha I turn 19 tomorrow and I still play Pokemon:D

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I turned 17 yesterday and I LOVE Pokémon....... Me gusta :3

whoisthisgirl 4

I'm 19 and been playing Pokemon since red/blue.. I still thoroughly enjoy it. Though I was a bit disappointed in black/white and the new cross over game coming out.

me_gusta_eso 1

Everyone at my school is a gamer. Nearly everyone. It's like the opposite. You get made fun of if you haven't played the latest game. It's really an interesting sight.

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linddezzy 0

Oops, sorry that was for comment 125

bizarre_ftw 21

147 & everyone else - my school: 90% gamers, Very free thought, Extremely artsy, so liberal we had to check ourselves when some kid wrote a republican poem for our poetry slam and everyone got annoyed, so open to gays you'd honestly be surprised, our art dept. took over and painted the bathrooms last year, there is a Huge manga & anime club, a majority of the teachers are gamers, girls wander around in cat ears and gamer T-shirts, cons are Huge, and and this us a high school aka marriage is legal with 1/2 the girls, also steampunk community :) (and think about this, if we're so open about sexual orientation we're probably pretty open just plain sexually) So show of hands, who wishes they lived around here?

randomhangul 4

I did not realize this was hard to come by lol. I suggest coming to Colorado where there is an abundance of pokemon playing girls.:D

JadeWalker 14

Im pretty sure since no pic shes just as ugly as this 2 fat girls that play pokemon at my school lol thumbs down me :) cuz i see the sad truth.

BrittanyPernell6 0

If I could raise an eve or flareon in a realistic world I'd be on it in two shakes of a lambs tail. I have all the VHS tapes of they're older episodes

Where the **** do you go to school? I wanna go there!

Been a fan since 1995 when it started. Long live the old classic games

Ooh Ooh!! I wanna be the flower girl. I was never a flower girl :(

stedfastwolf 11

The only reason I play pokemon is for nostalgia and then I only play occasional roms like light platinum or log.

Why are none of you girls in England, one from the UK but none in England. Do they exist or are the a figment of my imagination? /cry

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

You forgot the ones for game cube. I think one was Pokemon XD

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm 19, like long walks on the beach, and have been playing Pokemon since it came out. I'm seeking a similarly aged female who also enjoys video games(not just Pokemon) who.'s interested in pursuing a trade; I have a Metapod I want to trade for a Suicine. Serious offers only

52 I would say marry me but jail time, and the stealing of my Man innocences is never fun to put on the agenda lol

Yes! Colorado pokémon playing girls for the win!

Girls who like pokémon are everywhere. maybe they only know of pikachu..but still. x) the ones who like Zelda are hard to find. I'm proud to say I love Zelda.(:

sasunaru2413 1

I'm another part of that ten percent

rocketsox 0

16, female, love Pokemon! I play the video games, have a few seasons, collect the cards, and I have a couple suh-weet action figures :] Last weekend I just bought LeafGreen! Booya!

rocketsox 0

Roflcopter. I'd trade ya just for the heck of it. But I have no wifi T.T

emmanizzer 6

So has this officially become the new Pokemon-lovers dating site? :) Don't be so sure that those girls don't exist around you. Most people at my school had no idea how much of a gamer nerd I was until Skyrim came out and we had something to talk about. Ha. Just 'cause it's not obvipus doesn't mean they don't exist! ;)

mikemotox105 4
Snivy102 0

You're forgetting XD Gale of Darkness

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threer 30

Y'all's don't even know. I have a GameCube, Wii, Xbox, Playstation. I play Skyrim, COD, Halo, Oblivion, GTA, Assassin's Creed, WOW, LOL, Pokemon XD and Colosseum, etc. Oh, and D&D. Girls like this aren't hard to find, y'all just stereotype..

Coincidentally, a 25 year old is playing Pokemon while reading this FML.

Can we say hipocrite anyone? I would've unplugged her computer and ranted to her about how shameful it is to have a mother who us hooked on farmville. Seems pretty fair to me.

Airman1988 9

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Don't you ever say that. Pokemon is great.

#10, if I knew you in real life, I would slap you. The Pokemon series was a part of my childhood and it was a VERY important part of it! Never EVER call Pokemon lame...except if you are talking about the new TV Series, that's pretty lame. Replacing the sidekick characters every 2 or 3 series? No. Brock, Misty and Ash FTW!!

Airman1988 9

More power to you if you wanna like it I honestly wouldn't care either way. I was simply saying that you can't see Pokemon as lame and not Farmville. I was always more of a Mario Brothers guy myself but don't really have time for such things anymore.

Well, lets see: Pokemon does have a plotline, for one thing. And you need to use strategy and brains. One could play Farmville with an oven timer and a drinking bird.

Airman1988 9

you guys missed the point of that post entirely, too busy getting so damn sensitive about your damn pokemon, take a Midol and chill out jeez

Nope, it's you comparing farmville to a game like Pokemon. It's like comparing stale bread to cake.

lindseykcool 6

81, The only important thing in this post is Pokemon. So you're going to be attacked when you say its "lame".

Airman1988 9

I don't like Pokemon or Farmville, big whoop, I compared them as two games I don't care about. Why you people care about that is beyond me, spend some time deployed over seas and you'd realize why I don't see games as a priority. But thats just ME, no need to get all defensive over your little game addiction.

lrgenesis 19

93- they're also comparing it to farmville, when the two games are totally different. You make a good point as well

BrittanyPernell6 0

Airman, my husband had been deployed. Hrs on his second tour now. Army 11B real shot ya know. Oddly enough I send him care packages with pokemon games and movies. Soooo your deployment doesn't have anything to do with it. You act like people don't have spare times over there. Man up and stop using military as a crutch because you're being attacked.

@ Air No, you weren't comparing them as two games you don't like. You typed "You can't see farmville as lame and not pokemon" which, translated, literally said, "If you think Farmville is lame then you should think pokemon is lame as well." That says that you were comparing the two games to each other, not just listing them as games you did not like. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and learn basic communication skills.

markrs 0

After Generation 3, they stopped using that phrase. It was apparent that it was impossible.

The_Troller 14

Even in Gen 3 it was pretty damn hard. I've been playing for almost 10 years and I never managed to complete my Pokedex. I even traded with myself! Stupid event only pokemon!

To catch them is my real test, To train them is my cause, (")(-.-)(")