By Anonymous - 19/05/2010 05:05 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend's mom still refers to his ex as 'the daughter she never had.' FML
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Prove yourself and show her that you're better than your bf's ex!

then that means that those two are better off as siblings and not as lovers :D


Prove yourself and show her that you're better than your bf's ex!

lawl you mad bro?

now you have a goal insight... be the new daughter she never had...

so u could be the "daughter she could have" now.

do I really wana be the daughter she never had? that would make you his sister, and then it would be a fml, or a Jerry springer show, grats for wanting to be related,thats just gross

really well drop kick his mom in the face. then she might get brain damage and forget everything?

Agree with batman.. you're complaining about not being part of hypothetical insest. Weirdo.

give ur bf a blowjob right in front of her

I agree with Batman as well. So what OP? Just because his mom likes the ex and thinks of her as a daughter, doesn't mean she cares if they are not together anymore.

your bfs mom is a complete bitch. she should be accidentaly hit in the head with a frying pan object if you catch my drift. insta amnesia ftw.

#7 I want that cupcake!

this is easy just buy her flowers and suck up to her and show her umyour better. you obviously are since the other girl is his ex :) my bfs parents always love me haha it's bot hat hard op

seriously agreed with almost everyone just let her deal with it the ex is gone this doesn't affect u op

you mean fhl for her son dating you :P jk

I'm in a situation just like this. But fortunately I'm the ex.

This happened with my mom and her old high school boyfriend, only she was the "daughter his mom never had" and the girl he ended up marrying was someone else. They're actually all close friends now. Just because she likes his ex and sees her as a sort of daughter doesn't mean she can't also like and "adopt" you as well. Who knows, you might even become friends with his ex some day. Without further information, it's not necessarily a huge negative.

Agreed. It doesn't necessarily say anything about her relationship with you. Were your bf and his ex together a long time? Longer than you've been together? It only makes sense that she got close to the girl. Now if your bf and his mum sit around coming up with ways to win her back, you have a problem. Otherwise, let it go. He's with you and that's what matters.

friends with exes... hahahahahahahahahahaha

Then there's a reason she dumped him.

top gun wants there hair back bro.

i either modded this or this was already on here a couple of months ago

ouch! just don't mind her. give her the chance to know you.

how embarrassing

then that means that those two are better off as siblings and not as lovers :D

a little sad, be a wonderful girlfriend and she'll love you for you. and if she doesn't, well you can't control anybody elses actions, only your own.