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Today, I discovered that my father is getting married. Overjoyed and confused because I didn't know he was dating, I called him up to congratulate him, and ask who she was. Apparently, his soon to be fiancée is my mother-in-law. My wife is not happy. FML
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  UncleBubba13  |  1

And your children will be their own first (step)cousins. My dad was when he was a boy and his paternal grandfather married his maternal grandmother after their respective spouses died.

  texaskitty86  |  25

My father married my oldest brother's wife's mother. All four of them live in the same house. Well one property, with a house and a "guest house" where my brother lives. APPARENTLY they all get along fine but it creeps me out to no end.

  night_and_day  |  19

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Not quite #59.
Step siblings are children from previous separate marriages where one of their parents gets married to one of the parents of the other.

So once OP's father marries his wife's mother, he and his wife become step siblings.

  ThatHorse  |  15

It only results in a massive family fight when the parents try to force the kids to break up under the conditions that "it's wrong for siblings to be in a relationship". And yes that does happen.