By Unlucky - 15/11/2014 02:18 - Australia - Cairns

Today, I realized that at 20 years old I already have noticeable wrinkles around my eyes. But to balance it out, my chronic acne keeps me looking youthful. FML
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I feel like im in the same boat as you op. lol except im 5 years older and still have acne problems. genetics suck. you should try Accutane though! it's a prescription drug and its the only thing thats cleared my face.

just be careful trying acne drugs. ive heard horrible horror stories

Actually eating healthy is not a myth to help curing acne. I use to have acne and my doctor told me that it was mainly cause of stress, lack of sleep and eating unhealthy food such as fried, oily, spicy food. It's cause those food contain heat and the more you eat them the more likely pimples will pop up on your face. After that I set up a daily schedule to sleep early, eat healthy and drink more water. Now I don't have anymore acne so honestly the best way is to stop worrying about it and look more into your health.

maybe, except it clogs the pores making the acne possible worse

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Everyone has wrinkles around their eyes, and the acne will go away eventually. Don't worry about it too much!

Exactly! I'm 18 and I have laugh line around my eyes and smile lines around my mouth. People suggest wrinkle creams but why would I want to hide that I've had a happy life?! The acne is different though and I'm sorry you have to deal with it OP.

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I still have acne. Theres a possibility itll never go away. It all depends on genetics.

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I started getting noticeable wrinkles at age 12. It's part of the game.

Don't worry about it, I'm sure you look amazing plus there are people worse

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I know it's tough but you shouldn't worry what others think! If it's more of a personal issue, try seeing a dermatologist :) Good luck, OP!

A lot of times when you notice something about yourself other people never notice it unless you tell them

Agreed. My friend's eyes are asymmetrical. They don't line up properly and I had no idea until he pointed it out. Even after he told me I don't think about it or really notice it. I always forget about it. Don't worry about that too much, OP.