By itzcorinnelove - 18/08/2009 16:11 - United States

Today, I was walking my Aunt's dog to the park and I grabbed a few doggy bags to pick up the poop. As it turns out the bag had a small unoticable hole in it, that grew bigger as I fit my hand through it. I ended up using my hand to pick up the poop and didnt realize it. FML
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all aboard the failboat...

Yuck! Seriously! But - I think that you should have noticed. Plastic bags feel different than poop. YDI for being an idiot.


all aboard the failboat...

tpag3r 0

thats a stinky situation

Lolbrittany 0

did you taste it :U

lexilovesyou 0

Ewwy; Fyl!

Imawhalerider 0

Well now you know that its not that bad to pick up real poop.

tpag3r 0

awhh i was waiting for someone to pick up the cute is what we aim for reference but once again you people fail me

waterynuggets 0

Probably because Cute is what we aim for is a shitty teeny bopper band that fails all by itself.

TurdMonkey 0

waterynuggets, you speak words of wisdom

HahaYDI 0

Hmm...well some people have a "thing" for crap, maybe you should try that road and see how that works

MiGman 5

let's leave it at this. it's a D U M B A S S move. emphasis on the DUMBASS

OhhxGoshhxAri 0

Gross. FYL

that is why soap was invented. you'll be alright.

Yuck! Seriously! But - I think that you should have noticed. Plastic bags feel different than poop. YDI for being an idiot.

I agree with you...plastic and poo feel very different! if this is nt made up then this guy is a real dumb.

soherewegoagain 0

Yeah plastic and poo do feel different, but to know what they feel like you have to have it on your until she actually got shit on her hand she wouldn't know ...did you even think before you commented?

Yeah, but she had the bag in her hand before she "attempted" to pick it up. She would of noticed a difference quite quickly.

soherewegoagain 0

yeah but it wouldn't matter cause she would still have shit on her said poo and plastic feel different well how would she know its poo unless she actually touches it? and then it will be too late :)

twist_n_shout 0

Ok well plastic bags feel different than air. I'm surprised she didn't feel her hand rip through the plastic before she came in contat with poop.

oliviax3 0

Thats disscusting FYL.

cosmiccharlie 0

spelling disgusting like that is what is really disgusting.


stop talking like a nerd or you're gonna get beat up. ^

hahahaahaha enjoy your brownie

shadow_skater_fml 0

ew gross

I think that was my poop.. :O

Ugh! Sucks for you that was nasty.ewwwwewwwwewwwwewwww Yuck