By moduschic - United States
Today, at work this woman came up to my counter and handed me gold top covered in gold sequins. I like to chat with the customers sometimes at work so I got all excited and said "Ooh! You shopping for Halloween?" She gave me the biggest death stare. Turns out she wasn't shopping for Halloween. FML
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  sika_fml  |  0

She's not really. If she's the kind of person who wants to wear a gold sequin top...then she should own it and not get offended. It's obviously a bit of an outrageous top.

By  BellaMuerte_fml  |  0

I'm kind of torn on this one. One hand hand, sequins? Seriously? That's really tacky... Very Halloween-ish. So it is obvious as to where the OP got that idea from. However, assuming things ALWAYS gets thrown back in your face /:

  leonora_fml  |  0

Yeah, you really need to think long and hard about this one, because your decision whether they deserve it or whether their life really is fucked will change the world as we know if. Forever.

No one cares what you vote. Stop boring us with your stupid dilemmas.

  Red_Dawn  |  0

#10: Stop reading the fucking comments if you complain about them. You have a scrollbar to the right of your browser and a mouse and even keyboard functions to make the page move up and down to read other comments or even (GASP!) ignore them and move along.

/end hypocrisy


Woahhh theree.... haha, I got flamed for such a simple comment?
Sorry for boring you with my 'dilemma'.
And I just noticed I made a typo-thing. I wrote "One hand hand" and I meant "On one hand".
Not sure how I did that.
@BeeSkwaird - I'm not a cashier :3 Haha.
Red_Dawn - haha. thanks. I think #10 is on her period.

  Armin_fml  |  0

Well.. I guess I'm first. And that'd mainly be because English isn't my mother tongue :c

Thank you for destroying my self-esteem with a simple sentence *cries in a corner*

By  Peroxide  |  3

I hate dealing with the public. That's why when ever I see a customer coming my way looking like they want my help I run out the back of the store and hide untill they leave. I wonder why I haven't won employee of the month yet???