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By anne - 07/01/2016 12:00 - Germany

Today, I recently burned both my hands at work so I had to ask my husband for help changing my tampon, but he refused saying it would make him feel sick. This from the man who routinely sticks his tongue in my asshole when we have sex. FML
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perhaps Instead have him go pick you up some pads for the time being until you can insert your own tampons?

That sucks. If he can stick his dick in there, he should be able to put a tampon in there


Butt, how does it get there?

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why is this so negative? it's a silly pun.. not a great one butt still...

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#3 You're just jealous you don't have someone willing to stick their tongue in your asshole.

#3 I learned this a long time ago. What other people do in the bedroom is their business. Doesn't affect me. Not my place to criticize. Would I ever lick a partners asshole? Probably not. Does that fact change the fact that OP's husband would. Nope. Live and let live. You get along a lot better that way.

The person posting this FML is from Germany. It's to be expected because people there like experimentation in the bedroom. That being said, it's kinda funny that he will do rim jobs but can't stand the sight of blood.

tarlax 11

"It's to be expected because people there like experimentation in the bedroom." The ****? Let me guess, you're basing that absurd stereotype on ****, right?

Soooo, I take it that you are not Team Tongue in the Butt?

spacefish966 18

#3 who knows... maybe they get off to that......he may even spread some sauerkraut in with it ...who knows its between them. I have a friend who loves to tongue punch the fart box.... its all about preference

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Sorry, maybe I should've said most but not all.

Idk why everyone always says "just a little blood". Have you never seen a gf's dirty panties, pads, or tampons? Trust me the mucus, uterus lining stuff, and other secretions Is usually mixed in with the blood. It isn't pretty at all

#174 girls have to deal with that from the age of 12/13 until like 55

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Not all men would run away from their wife when they need help with a embarrassing and personal task such as OP needed. Since she was injured and clearly stated she needed assistance her husband should have gladly helped her to get through this time.

I know a lot of men who would do that for his spouse. You're in the minority of men.

Ignorance is really only bliss for the ignorant; it's annoying as hell for the rest of us, including the OP.

MzZombicidal 36

Why can't he know how to do that? It's a tampon for Christ's sake. Soap exists. Yes, periods can get gross but they're completely natural and people need to get over the act itself and just support the poor people who suffer through them. At least he'd only have to do it for a few days and not once a month for most of his life.

nah bro. this is something a real man would have no problem doing.

Goblin182 26

Once my wife had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands at the same time. for about a week I wiped her ass for her. I'm sure if the need had arose I could have helped her out with a tampon. Or, rather helped her in with a tampon.

Lol "I speak for all men" and all the real men disagree with you. I hope you don't get married with that mentality, 4.

Shadowvoid 33

I would have done that if it was necessary...

I agree, not all men are sissies about periods. I once had fake nails on and couldn't insert my tampon properly (it needs to be far in for it to not feel uncomfortable), and my fiance helped push it in fully. There was nothing weird or awkward about it other than my initial shyness at asking his help. In fact, he said it was an intimate experience for him and was happy/proud that no other guy had (or perhaps would have) done that for me. I've always felt lucky for how much he loves taking care of me, but personally, I'd never be with a guy so uncomfortable with them he couldn't even help me out in a situation such as OP's. You made the vow to be with the person in sickness and in health, for better or worse, you stick your dick in that thing all the time, you can help in its maintenance once in a blue moon lmao

Sorry love, allow me correct the beginning of your statement ***I can speak for all BOYS***

Also plenty of men have periods and need to change their own tampons. Trans men exist, amazingly enough.

but those men are used to doing it. they've most likely been doing since they were around 12.

Thank you! Periods are not some plague or disease! Stop making them out to be! We have to suffer through them once a month, (sometimes for more than a week)!

My husband helped me shave down there when I got too big in my first pregnancy when I wanted to clean up before birth, he got his treat later, but he didn't mind it too much. There's things a boy would gag at that men wouldn't question.

We men kindly ask that you stop speaking for us. If you can't man up and help your wife/girlfriend/fiancé in her time of need, you sure as hell should not have one.

I cleaned and packed my wife's C-section incision twice a day for a month, so... "wanting to know how to do" and "stepping up to the plate when it's necessary" are two different things.

Its not about being a "sissy" as a guys scared for life after almost wiping his face with his sister's bloodied tampon when she left it on our towel rack because she "forgot", i'm surprised that is all he did.

I'm a man and you do NOT speak for me! My girlfriend had two broken hands and I not only changed her tampon for her but I wiped her ass and kept her clean and shaved. For three months! What I do for the human being I love is my business and I don't need an ignorant jerk speaking for me. I'm willing to die for my girl so helping her when she needs me most is nothing. She would do anything for me. Maybe you should stop speaking for all men and grow up and help the woman you love.

joeyl2008 29

I never saw the big deal with periods. Like I get get joking about girls on their period but I never understood why some men are genuinely grossed out or embarrassed about it. Like even to the point they refuse to buy tampons. You should be able to change a tampon for a spouse without it being a big deal. The woman probably already feels embarrassed for having to ask so you should be accommodating.

I know you don't speak for my OH! If anything ever happened where he had to do this then I know he would without a doubt, he will happily go to the shop and buy me tampons or any women's products without a hint of embarrassment, even said he would help me shaving while I was pregnant. So no, you don't speak for all men, boys yes but men no!

I would hate to see what he thinks about when you sneeze and have to blow your nose.

That sucks. If he can stick his dick in there, he should be able to put a tampon in there

She said his tongue not dick, which I think it's worse.

6 was referring to the act of inserting the tampon.

Some people do get squeamish about blood, though. I can handle my own blood, but even someone else's nose bleed is enough to make me queasy. That said, if it was my significant other who was struggling and needed help, I'd like to think I'd do whatever I could to help, especially with something like this.

He had no obligation to change HER tampon. It was outrageous of her to expect him to. She should've used pads since she burned her hand. There's a difference between touching intimate places for the sake of pleasure and sticking your hand into someone else's bloody privates.

She probably put the tampon in before her hands got burned. So the tampon needs to come out and she can't use her hands. Who else is she supposed to ask? Is she supposed to just keep it in until her hands heal? That's how toxic shock syndrome happens.

#115 no obligation...???? she's his WIFE. He is very much so obligated to help her in sickness and in health whatever that sickness and health may be.

I seem to remember something about that in my vows.

They don't!? Shit my wife and I have been doing it wrong this whole time #209!

marcus903 17

Your husbands a coward if he thinks changing a tampon will make him sick. But I've never seen a tampon before so what I say don't really matter.

I think he means physically sick as in nauseous; not as in diseases.


perhaps Instead have him go pick you up some pads for the time being until you can insert your own tampons?

Someone said it. Thank goodness. Or she could get the Tampons that come with individual applicators. I dunno the whole story or how severely OP is burnt, but that's one thing I wouldn't want anyone to deal with. Ever. I don't even like dealing with it - wouldn't expect anyone else to be okay with it. If they are, great, but respect goes both ways and it seems like there are a few other options that the wife could consider... Hope you are okay OP and your hands aren't too badly burnt, if they are then I wish you a speedy recovery! Hopefully you gain the use of your hands before the week is up...

She'd still need help with pads. When I was down a hand (because of stupidity) I needed help with my pads. Thankfully, my mom and sister helped out. It would be better for her to keep going with whatever's most comfortable for her since she'll need assistance with both.

katachristic 19

I think their point was that the husband might be less grossed out with pads than tampons because they're a bit less intrusive.

The husband wouldn't even have to see anything for a pad. He could just get a fresh pair of undies, stick it on there, and give it to OP. Definitely way less intrusive than a tampon.

She said she was at work, though, and she needs help CHANGING it. This implies she already had a tampon inserted when she got burned. So yeah, she needs to switch to pads to make things easier, but he still needs to... lend a hand at first.

Read it again and you might understand more

DenBriZel 31

I can see why he wouldn't want to do that, really I can (I hate it myself..), but as your husband he should be able to help you when you really need it. I honestly can't think of any reason where I'd ask my significant other to do that, but if I ever NEEDED it, I'd hope he wouldn't let me be embarrassed about it and help me.

Mathalamus 24

ok, that is the most disgusting thing i have ever read. the asshole bit, not the tampons.

It's not so bad.. I mean not my favorite thing to do but my woman loves it so why not? ^^

Goblin182 26

Obviously your don't do it right after she takes a shit, but if she is clean . . .

Mathalamus 24

i dont think about it. at all. frankly, its for the best.

From things I've heard, I thought you were supposed to make sure you clean very well before doing things like that with the butt so I don't see the issue if you follow that.

I genuinely believe people who tongue buttholes have watched a tad too much ****.