By HotToTrotskyite - 08/09/2009 17:30 - Russian Federation

Today, I was riding on the Moscow metro. My friend and I were joking around in English about taking a nap on the nerdy business man next to me. As we laughed and made comments about him, which we thought he couldn't understand, he asked, "First time in Moscow?" FML
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Are you stupid? Most people all over the world understand English because its everywhere- schools, media, etc.

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Some lessons are learned the hard way.


just because no americans are bilingual, it doesn't mean to one is

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wow, a poorly worded anti-American small ass comment.....original As for OP, wow, you mean someone in a non-English speaking country speaks English? Amazing. YDI, and please, stop traveling, you make English speakers with brains look bad

A lot of Russians in Moscow actually understand and speak English. It is after all Russia's economic zone. What I don't get though is why were they joking around about "napping" on the guy? Who naps on random people?

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Wow way to show you ate the ignorant one, nowhere does the op say there American it says she is from Moscow city on the post. But good job showing your a ignorant American hater

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Um. I am pretty sure that it does not say anywhere that she is American. Way to be a judgmental hater.

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wow dude, way to make an anti-american comment, without know a single thing about americans.

#53 Wow, you really are an ass. Way to go, alienating everyone with your red-neck, backward, in-bred, uneducated, look-at-me-I'm-a-flag-waving-red-blooded-Amurkun posturing. Why don't you read a book and get some culture, you f-ing troglodyte.

I made an account just for this, it is Team America, funny ass movie. MATT DAMON!

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lol are you kidding? you probably feel pretty stupid if you weren't.

i like how u automatically assumed they were pretty sure America's not the only country that speaks english....

wow what an ignorant dumbshit. stupid anti americans

I hate Americans. they are all a bunch of ignorant naive sons of bitches that only care about themselves. this girl prbly was American.

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Some lessons are learned the hard way.

And you thought you were cooler than him...

Are you stupid? Most people all over the world understand English because its everywhere- schools, media, etc.

Thank you, almost. Because it certainly is NOT "most" people that understand English. Don't be so naive. That's just what Americans want to think (because I highly doubt anybody from Europe could be so self-centered). However, OP, half the time you make dumbass mistakes like that (and RUDE mistakes, btw), it's in front of somebody who DOES understand your language. Especially since English is widely studied, even a little in school, you should not let your Stupid American show. You're kind of why the world hates us. No, you *are* why the world hates us. Go away.

Where exactly did you get the idea that the OP is American?

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That's true, the OP may as well be Russian but is fluent in English.

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Most major cities like Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, have many English speakers for tourism and Business. In Amsterdam you don't ever even have to ask if they speak English because they all do. My husband is always saying something about someone in English and I constantly have to remind him that most Europeans know some English, especially the younger generations. So OP, you should know a businessman in Moscow would know English, ydi.

Yea...story of my life. I'm German, my husband's American and he'd constantly be talking to me about people around us and I constantly had to remind him "Dude, in Germany they now start learning English in FIRST once they're about 12 they understand every freakin word you're saying" -_-

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So Puolukka, I just realized you in Mannheim,lol. I'm in Wiesbaden, so you know exactly what I'm talking about,lol.

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Good job failing at making a point because the op is not American it says from Moscow city but good job trying to make Americans look bad by assuming we are the only ones who would expect no one else speaks English hypocritical much?

@ #24: When she made fun of people around her assuming they will not understand.

Actually, #22, I'm from Europe, and most of us DO speak English. Not because America is the center of the world or anything, but because it's a very useful language in the modern world, what with internet and all. In France, where people supposedly are not so great at foreign languages, the kids will make fun of the one who can't speak English... most people do speak it. In Germany it's even more the case. I don't know Russia, but I don't see why it would be that much different...

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Definitely, #86. After all, we all know that computers are advanced enough to detect someone's nationality, even if they are in Moscow using a computer from Moscow.

Okei #22, let me tell you a few things! 1. Actually, #3 is right! Most people (atleast in Europe) speaks English! I live in Norway, and EVERYBODY speaks English, some of then perhaps not very well, but more then well enough to keep up a normal conversation! 2. Why do you say no one in Europe is self-centered? I know alot of self-centered people! But I do agree that the OP is probably American. why? because most Europeans would know they can't assume people here doesn't speak English! 3. 'even a little in school'? We start learning English when we start school! And most European countries do it the same way! I have a sister who is 13, and she is already fluent in English! Thanks to Dora the Explorer, even the toddlers here speak a little English! So please know what you are talking about before you open your mouth (/type on your keyboard.. :P ) Jeez!

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Actually 22 I travel the world (and the world includes Europe more than often) I almost never have to speak in any language other than English. except for maybe in France, they speak English too, but they are jerks and they pretend that they don't, they hate Americans..... are you French?

wait...Dora teaches you English in Europe?!

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150- Right?! What happened to Dora teaching Spanish?

Yeah, Dora teaches English in Europe.

#22, Just the fact that you're ranting about America shows that chances are; you're European! And while saying that Americans are stuck up asswipes and that Europe is better you're being stuck up and disproving your point. Everywhere has asswipes but you shouldn't judge a place by their weakest citizens or else Europe would be judged by people like the Nazis and God knows nobody wants that. And it never says that they're American! English isn't native to America, its native to the Great Britain so they could be British too! Or from pretty much anywhere else. Point is, not all Americans are jerks.

Most people in the world do but not in Moscow. Only people at the airport know a bit of English. It's very unlikely for a person to know English in Moscow.

That's not true. It's very common in Europe for people to know 3,4,5 even 6 languages, English being a common one.

True! I'm from Sweden and I speak 7 languages. Swedish, Norweigan, French, Spanish, German, Croatian and Danish. A lot of people in Europe know all kinds of languages. ( as in other parts of the world)

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YDI for thinking no one could understand you. be more aware.