By Anonymous - 27/3/2021 20:01

When pranking goes too far

Today, my husband has both arms broken, and I have to help him in the bathroom. Not the problem. My girlfriends and I have been pranking each other lately and it's been fun, but they decided to slip my husband slip him some laxatives so that I would have to clean him him. FML
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By  Levi2411  |  39

That's way too far. He's already in enough pain I'm sure because of his arms, but to slip him laxatives just to mess with you? I'd be livid. FHASHL.

By  Tammy Gabb  |  3

Those are not friends at all. Get new friends

By  Chazzster  |  20

That’s definitely an FML for your poor husband.

But mature adults do not prank each other, stupid things can happen as the ante gets raised each round. You need better friends, these are not friends. And you need to learn not to get caught up in pranks - This is not middle school, this is yours and your husband’s life.

By  toodamntall  |  7

That's not a prank, that's an illegal act. They gave your husband drugs without his knowledge or consent in a situation that wasn't a medical necessity. Your husband has every right to press charges or sue.