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By  alex_gen  |  38

Have no clue why you put that as your username. It's not shameful to be a virgin at 17...

I like how he's showing his commitment to you, but you should make it clear that the comment made you feel uncomfortable, especially considering you'd still be seeing if you're compatible with one another, and marriage then kids would be way down the line. If you don't set it straight now, he may suggest marriage after only a month. Good luck OP.

  dannidoll93  |  24

Maybe she put "still a virgin" to clarify just how far away she was from thinking about having kids with the guy

By  dannidoll93  |  24

Red flag for clingy/obsessive behaviour in my opinion. Maybe have a little chat about boundaries and appropriate time-frames to talk about those kind of subjects, before it becomes a problem.

  bigbluetardis  |  21

I don't think it's immediately is a red flag. He's young, he's in love and just wants to show her that he really likes her. Maybe this wasn't the right way to show it, but I'm sure he means it well

  Setareh23  |  34

I think when young/unexperienced, it's normal to get very attached and express things weirdly. It's like how kids randomly confess their undying love to the crush they barely know. Works when both are at the same lvl of feelings, but can be jarring otherwise. Don't think it's really a red-flag, but agree a talk would be good.

  Demon_of_Light  |  27

Or, option 3, he really likes OP and doesn't have much experience with relationships, so he's saying what he thinks is the "right thing" to make OP happy. I've known a few people who have done this. Sometimes a talk expressing that you want the other person to be genuine rather than saying "the right thing" is all it takes to stop over the top professions of love.