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By  GhostFox  |  33

-sigh- Why the fuck do people think it's appropriate to say that women should feel flattered about being treated like property? Hint: It isn't flattering. It's gross, and saying that it is isn't funny, it just highlights how fucked up public perception of stuff like this is.

I'd suggest talking to someone, because the illegal selling of children under the guise of marriage does still happen in the USA, across all demographics. Especially if you are a minor OP- talk to a school counselor and set something up so that if you go missing for x amount of days or your father tries to accept, you have somewhere to go until you can contact the authorities. And don't sign anything your dad wants you to sign, because it could be a trap.

By  GhostFox  |  33

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  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

@OhPuhleeze: My experience with immigrants having a completely different cultural background tells me OP’s father is actually considering this offer. If a man makes an offer of 85 sheep he first has to be sure that it would be taken seriously or otherwise he wouldn’t make any offer. On the other hand, a father who already has accepted Western values would have kicked out such a man before he could be pretending to consider that offer.

  OhPuhleeze  |  23

@Ashamed_sister: As someone who is in India, I am very familiar with the concept of women being treated as property to be bought or sold. I do not have all the information like 1) Is the Op a minor, 2) Do they come from an ethnic background where women are traded as commodity, 3) if the father is actually seriously contemplating to sell his daughter. 4) If the Op has access to help- social workers, school, community leaders, police. I am also assuming that the Op has enough sense to use the Internet for help- mail/call Police/FBI/CPS if she is indeed in serious trouble and not just use the web to rant about it. I don't know what your problem is, maybe you've seen the issue much closely than others or if you simply have an attitude issue. I am just hoping for the best here and trying to keep things light without being disrespectful to anyone.