By Anonymous
Today, my dad is refusing to let me marry my fiancé because he said no when my dad asked for a loan of £10,000 to help clear some gambling debts. Apparently that shows my fiancé has poor family values and will be a bad father and an alcoholic husband. Impressive logical thinking there. FML
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  Summaria  |  10

I doubt that someone who asks for a 10k loan from the future son-in-law to pay for his gambling debts would be any help in paying for the wedding....

  1known  |  29

Marrying someone for love is a bad reason.
Marry someone because you want to live with him/her for the rest of your life, building your life together and making him/her your number one priority.
And everyday you'll love him/her a little bit more than the day before, and it's only at the end that you'll be able to say "yes I loves him/her".
Oh and by the way (s)he has to think/do the same.

By  sunnyray812  |  42

You don't NEED your father's permission to get married, but it is stressful for him to not support you and talk bad about your fiancée just for not giving him ten grand. I hope this doesn't hurt your love life, OP. What are your fiancé's thoughts on this?

By  Phil  |  14

I'm thinking that it's your father who has the bad family values. I give your fiancee props for not giving your father the loan. He got himself into debt, foolishly, let him get himself out.

By  melisssa87  |  30

Your dad should just trust your judgement and be happy for you. Just tell him your fiancé can’t afford it due to the wedding, honeymoon or your new home etc.

  KittyMack  |  13

Naw, this "father" seems more like a baby brother to OP, so she should try to teach the little brat some proper values, maybe she can raise him so he'll be a functional adult one day.
I mean she should be honest and stern, demonstrate good boundaries & explain to him that bad actions result in bad consequences.
And one of the consequences for trying to drag your relatives down into poverty with you over your silly addiction/hobby is that you don't get to be in their lives anymore, at least til you offer them an apology & due respect.
tl;dr Lying can't fix the loser. I suggest moving away to have a good life elsewhere w/husband, & telling loserdad he's out of your life until he gets his shit together.

By  PennyLane27  |  32

Marry. Him.
The FML community gives you permission. Not that you need anyone's permission.
He has financial sensibility, and the backbone not to get pushed around or taken advantage of.

Your dad, on the other hand, needs to seek help for his gambling addiction.

I hope to see a follow-up from you some day saying you've married him, and your dad's gone through a gambling addiction program.