By fuck - 16/12/2014 21:04 - Norway - Slemmestad

Today, I got a new downstairs neighbor. Herpes. FML
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Well that's one tenant that will never vacate the premises...

Contact the landlord. And tell him to smarten up next time!!


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It's so not the end of the world. Promise.

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Agreed #2. Two of my very good friends have it and it changed how I see it completely. Everyone judges so harshly until it's them or a loved one who has it. Have some empathy people!

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sympathy. empathy would require getting herpes and is generally not recommended

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1 out of 5 people has herpes and most of them don't even know it. Empathy might be the more accurate word in many cases.

#96 there's no cure so no, it doesn't get better.

There might not be a cure but he may learn to accept it for what it is...? Idk just a thought

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You have to play it off like the movie Lets Be Cops...

Actually sympathy means just feeling sorry for someone or having generalized compassion. Empathy means being able to truly feel for and understand what the person is going through. So no...empathy in this situation does not require that one contract herpes.

Well that's one tenant that will never vacate the premises...

Yeah. Even if they move out he just switches rooms in the apartment building.

And they show up when they please. Always turns out to be a bad time, too. Annoying bunch, they are.

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Well. That's what happens when you don't wrap it before you tap it.

Condoms don't fully prevent the spread of herpes.

His/her partner should have told about the herpes.

Herpes is skin to skin. Condoms mainly protect against fluid based stds/stis.

The majority of people infected don't even know it because the virus lays dormant for years sometimes. So if someone got it and didn't know it, they could easily assume they are still clean when they are not. And no, condoms do not fully prevent herpes from spreading.

Condoms only half the risk of getting/spreading herpes, it does not stop it. Many people don't even realise they have it. 25% of people have it, which probably means some of the judgmental people commenting on this FML have it. You don't even have to have sex to get it, it can be passed from mother to baby if she gives birth vaginally and she is shedding the virus at the time.

Contact the landlord. And tell him to smarten up next time!!

Well, if you were thinking of OP's poor choice of sex partner I agree, but he might have caught herpes while receiving oral, and I wonder how much of us use condoms for oral sex.

It may not even be a poor choice of sex partner. Some people dont knos they have herpes, some dont tell people they have herpes, and sometimes it can be dormant.

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Condoms cannot always prevent the transmission of herpes so OP very well could have been using one

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@17 Herpes can be transmitted without contact with bodily fluids, contact with the skin around the groin is enough. Condoms reduce the risk somewhat, but you can still catch it.

Then just wrap it all up completely. Only logical solution. Gift wrap that shit, it's the holidays.

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But condoms don't work unless they cover your balls right?!

#76: Exactly, OP needs a latex body-condom.

They apparently make something like that now lol

I'm gonna guess this isn't a case where you made your neighbor a welcome casserole?

Showed up at OP's door unexpectedly one day to introduce itself and the two were inseparable ever since.

^ kinda sounds like your insinuating it wasn't consensual there...

Someone that didn't mind getting it from their spouse because they both will remain loyal, and therefore it would be irrelevant.

What he means is that his "downstairs neighbor" is Herpes.

To be truly careful of avoiding the 25% of the population that has herpes, they will need to get a blood test from everyone who they have sex with to be sure they don't have the virus, as many people don't realise. Also, just because a person has herpes does not make them a bad person. If they have sex with you and they don't tell you and they know they have herpes, that makes them a bad person. With using condoms every time and also using an antiviral medication, transmission rate is 1% for men to women and 2% for women to men. OP could be in a committed relationship and have known their partner had herpes and taken all the preventative measures, but lost out to the odds.

OP also could have been in a committed relationship but his partner cheated on him and ended up getting herpes and passing it on to him... no way to know without context.

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Or OP could be in a committed relationship and OP's partner didn't know they had herpes from a prior relationship. No cheating necessary.