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  Cali  |  54

In all fairness, it could've been a platonic date with a friend or family member. Still an odd way to announce it though.

By  sparkledoge  |  29

You got on accidental YDI. I really didn't mean to click it so if you see that, imagine there's one less. You didn't deserve this.
Unless you're a horrible person... But you'd cancel your plans for your boyfriend so you're probably not.

By  yeongji  |  31

If it is a date with say his mother or sister, then that is fine - but even then, he should have told you he meant them and not you. BUT if it is anyone else other than a family member, that is unacceptable.

By  caliguy08  |  17

Soooo this is where you go out with that one "male friend" you have (all women have this friend) and actually give that guy a chance.... I guarantee he wouldn't cheat on you