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Today, my boyfriend of 5 years decided to buy a $2500 taxidermied wolf on eBay. This is the same guy who refuses to get engaged because it would "cost too much right now." FML
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Did you know a guy taxidermied his cat into a remote-controlled quadcopter? It has four rotors, one attached to each extremity, and it flies with all its limbs stretched out!

When I saw that video, I felt so bad laughing at a dead stuffed cat flying around, but it was probably one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while.

At first I thought that said that I guy taxidermied his car and I was like "is that even possible?" But now that I read over it again, all I can think is, that's awesome

Cool story, next time, keep it to yourself.

They added a spoof of Helikitty into WoW. It's called Foxicopter. Imagine a flying stuffed fox.... oh the horror.

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FYL, but maybe he's not ready and has no better excuses. One day you guys will get married though :)

Or sadly he's holding out for "someone better." They'll break up and he'll be engaged in two months. I'd be looking hard to see if he's that guy. If she's 30. If she's 23, she might want to lighten up.

17- You seem to have it all planned out...

I agree with 17, it all depends on the context. If OP and her boyfriend are around 30, then, well, as harsh as it may sound, it's not good to waste time with this guy.

I doubt it. Not matter the age, if a guy uses money as an excuse not to get married but then spends a fortune on a toy, it is very likely that he is not planning to marry his current girlfriend. Because if he can see a future with her but is not ready to settle now, he would simply tell her. Saying that they cannot afford it for the moment is only keeping her at bay and helps him avoiding awkward conversations. Plus an engagement ring does not have to cost much. Mine is worth 30 USD, because I could not care less about expensive jewelry. I'd rather spend money on the honeymoon and wedding.

53 if anyone considers a $2500 stuffed wolf a "toy" there are other issues that need to be discussed.

# 60 I said toy because I really don’t know what you can do with a stuffed wolf apart from letting it scare the shit out of your visitors. In fairness though if it’s his own money, he is entitled to spend it the way he wants. It’s not really the point here anyway.

I'd rather spend $2500 dollars on an actual living exotic animal, like a fox, specifically a fennec fox. They're cute as ****, energetic, and.... aren't dead.

96 Fennec Foxes are on the endangered list because of people like you. Quit destroying cuteness for the rest of us.

98- they are most definitely not endangered. They are rated as "least concern." And how would someone owning one lower the population? You get them from breeders.

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Wolf or fiancée... Tough choice... If only you could have both somehow... Wolf fiancée!

Aren't you.suppose to have gotten a dog?

I don't know why he would propose to buy a wolf instead of marrying you. I do think it might be a tying a knot in his stomach to engage in the idea of marriage. Try to talk to him about it and work things out.

Would it be too shallow at this point to dump him for someone richer?

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Perhaps, but it's not shallow to dump this guy for someone who actually wants to marry her.

I bet you thought he was a good boyfriend. NOPE. It's just Chuck Testa.

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Well it seems that his priorities aren't your priorities.