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Today, I got married. When my father gave me away, in front of hundreds of people, to my groom, he said, "She's your problem now." FML
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your dad is a legend. you need a sense of humour op.

well, he's right!


well, he's right!

and thank god for that!!! he was thinking aswell

Mmm boobs.

haha classic

is it just me or is one bigger than the other?

it has been noted a few times on this site that those titties are uneven. methinks she needs a more supportive bra.

awesomeguy1221 4

Methinks? I'm not sure that's a word. lol

it's the lighting in the photo!! read my profile :)

it's been noted?? lol loser and it's not a bra and you should know that!! maybe ur gay :)

thanking you :)

I was JUST thinking that!!!

ifyouseekamy666 0

I still don't think they're even..

This reminds me of those scared teenagers who thought that they weren't normal because one boob was bigger then the other. Grow up people, it is completely normal.

52 you wouldn't know what even was if it hit u in the face... ur profile pic looks like u want to be a man??

here's a crazy idea. if you don't want people to start in on "even or not", don't use a picture of a lopsided top as your pic. i don't care if it's natural or not, you know you're gonna rile someone up with that picture.

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These are even <-------

ifyouseekamy666 0

wut r u talking about? my moustache has nothing to do with ur uneven boobs

I don't care anyways mwhaha!!! so everyone should get over it

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it's freakin annoying as hell, ur that desperate for attention u made ur pic a picture of ur unever boobs? that's actually really pathetic I hope u realize that

ifyouseekamy666 0


I'm glad I annoy you :)

agree with 64, and I bet luvzit is a preteen boy.

methinks is a word invented by shakespeare or however you spell his name

ifyouseekamy666 0

67- I kno right? either that or she just has an ugly as hell face


Don't hate, congratulate, nice racks ladies.

61^ ftw! 8-)

Ahem. I think 65 is cute, even with that mustache thing. And 66 slightly grosses me out. I'm not instigating an argument, or flirting. I'm just throwin' my opinion out there.

haha she has an uneven boob!

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LOL. It almost looks like the were photoshopped from 2 different pics ;) ps. I think your 'stash is cute. lol

luvzit stop whoreing around on fml you bring prostitution to a new level

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Putting this out there, The tops not on proper on one side of her.

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By the time I got to the bottom of this comment column I forgot what this FML was about. It had something to do with a preteen boy having uneven boobs right?

wow, just wow. I never want the first comment ever again.....

Haha I Bet . :D

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Those comments are gone. Ok well my friends dad did the same thing, not a big deal.

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yep them chicks got deleted haha

zkchild 0

How did that happen?

My grandpa (my mom's side) said the same thing to my dad at their wedding

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if its your wedding day why are you on this site?? do you not have a life?

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are u dumb or dumb? in FML submission the standard format starts with Today n ends with FML. she doesnt have a choice

Dejaay 2

Umm, i might be wrong... but i think she's dumb ;o

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tell him girl

Geez ; It Takes Like 5 Seconds To Post One Of These Things . Of Course The Bride Has A Life !

It takes a lot longer to capitalize every word of a sentence. Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

mbouf 0

some phones do that automatically. my old cell used to do that it was so annoying.

crazycoltfan 2

Was thinking the same thing... Fail post

PugDelatorre 11

Are......are you mentally retarded?

Awe that is horrible! I'm sorry!

Anyone actually realize he was probably joking? Stop being so literal. Most FML's on this site are people who don't get that it's a joke

99 is so right... lots of times its only an fml becuz sarcasm cant be conveyed through writing

your dad is a legend. you need a sense of humour op.

Well, he could have chosen a better moment to joke around. It's suppose to be one of the greatest days of her life, so try to please her and not ruin this day. (I realize he could have done way worse than than, but still !)

@16 it's not really ruining her day. She should lighten up and bit and learn to take a joke

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if you can take a fuckin' dick you can take a fuckin' joke! - Immortal Technique

I don't know about you guys, but on a day that is supposed to be the most fantastic one in mine and my partners life I wouldn't be pleased if my dad called me a problem in front of everybody who knows me. Every joke has its time, and OP's dad should have timed it a little bit better. I would feel a little humiliated and ashamed. It also depends on the way the dad said it, serious funny. But I still wouldn't like it.

#34. amen. immortal always has the answer.

Dude #16 & #37. He was JOKING. Its funny. The same boring speeches would be well... same and boring. You have stick up yours.

Well, if you love jokes like that, jeeeej for you! Have a fun wedding! But just don't forget that there are people outside who want to keep the formal part of a wedding serious, and that they are in their right. Their wedding, their rules. OP doesn't need to 'lighten up', it's her special day, if she doesn't want to be joked about, she's in her right.

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Ya but if MY dad would have said that everyone would have laughed. Including me. I'm sure it wasn't meant to be mean he was probably nervous an just cracked a joke lol

thisgirl2u 9

Your father speaks the truth and he does it with humor. :)

PSQ91 6

And your night with the groom is so boring you are coming on FML?

you are an idiot..

lmfao! you must be a problem xD

lol he Is the problem

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I'm sure he was just bringing in a little comic relief to having to deal with the loss of his daughter...