By Anonymous - 09/08/2014 15:43 - India - Mumbai

Today, I found a piece of erotic fiction on my brother's computer. It involved two lesbian teenagers, who just so happened to have the same names and physical descriptions as my sister and me. FML
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Hunthas 17

Incest, a game the whole family can enjoy :D

.. Did he write it? Or something he found.


.. Did he write it? Or something he found.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the first one. Otherwise this wouldn't be as much as an FML.

Either way it's messed up. Even if he found it, that implies he was looking for something of this sort and actually enjoys it enough to keep it on his PC.

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SkyGuy32 17

When you are writing it and it's about your sisters, yes, it's weird.

Am I the only one wondering how much of this novel OP read to find out all of this information? Sounds like she got pretty involved...

incoherentrmblr 21

Fan/Fap fiction is always a unique and sometimes disturbing thing...

Hopefully it's just a coincidence about the names, and that he didn't write it. That's a very awkward situation OP.

Or perhaps he's just extemely uncreative when it comes to names and appearances and decided to focus on the erotic stuff. Let's just hope he didn't make the connection the rest of us made.

"Hey mom I found a very graphic sexual story on my brothers computer that involved me and my sister" might not go over so well :/

Well I'm sorry but she should probably do something about before it turns into something serious

DogeMan 14

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RedPillSucks 31

So she should hang out waiting for the fiction to become some twisted reality?

I'm surprised that nobodys name is Tattle_Tale_Strangler that replied to this

Hunthas 17

Incest, a game the whole family can enjoy :D

the family that plays together stays together

Incest is best, put your family to the test!

You know what they say, if you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family.

Except for the fact that OP is from India.

SkyGuy32 17

It's a joke about southern stereotypes and it found it pretty damn funny even though I live in the south US. I don't see why you should be offended by this.

RedPillSucks 31

Seriously? Everyone from the south should be offended by this.

dDailydDosage 8

Not nessasarily. I'm from Kentucky... Think about that for a second.. I'm not offended. We get used to the stereotypical JOKES, cause that's what they are. jokes. We know they're not true so why bother being offended. Life's short. Laugh at it.

skip_m 6

Does he also enjoy family movie night?

What I want to know is why you were going through your brothers computer? If you had permission then it's your brothers fault for not having stuff like that hidden where its not easily found, otherwise YDI.

I'd say the real issue isn't why she found it, but that her brother has sexual fantasies about his two sisters - to the point where he writes them down. Or does that seem perfectly ok to you?

I'm thinking that #8's "false stupidity" isn't actually as false as he wants us to believe.

There are a number of reasons to borrow someone's computer. Maybe his has a feature that hers doesn't have, and she borrows it. But you shouldn't automatically assume she was snooping.

mumbaikar 3

Most families in India usually have just one PC at home, that may the case.

Lesbi honest things are about to get weird..

That's sick. I'm sorry you found something like that OP. Stay away from him, I guess. Or maybe, if he's young, bring it to your parents' attention. I'd be very uncomfortable in a situation like that. Wishing you the best.