By ihatemakingnames - 05/03/2013 00:41 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I trimmed my ear hair, my nose hair, shaved my hobbit feet, and trimmed the little sprouts that give me a unibrow if left alone. I still can't grow a beard. FML
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I'm 20 and can't grow a beard... It's ok, we can "wow" the ladies with our strikingly smooth baby faces. ;)


bybib 20

Beards aren't all that anyway.

They are if you are Chuck Norris. Behind his beard is another fist.

9- Your "joke" made no sense. Sexual preference has little to do with one's preference for or against facial hair. You're gay, we get it. Please, get your mind out of your rut and try being relevant.

A 'beard' also refers to the girlfriend of a gay man. So, he's hiding behind his beard.

I'm struggling to understand how you could relate beards an speaking Italian.

31, I'm pretty sure it was a moustache.

I'm 20 and can't grow a beard... It's ok, we can "wow" the ladies with our strikingly smooth baby faces. ;)

The only thing sexier than a beard is other body hair glued to your face.

This reminded me of the stunt in Jackass 2 when they glue pubes on a mans face to make a beard. The hair came from a dozen people. Some of the pubes had crabs crawling around. "Shudders"

XxQuartersxX 14

Hmmm... My boyfriend grows a beard ridiculously fast and it is definitely NOT a positive. That shit itches ;)

I guess it depends from person to person, because in France we kiss each other on the cheeks to greet, and people I know always say my beard is soft.

I've heard that there are quite a few guys that can't grow in a beard (just patches). Shame, some guys look great with them. Ex: Dave Navarro! :D

nousernamesworks 12

Why do you hate making names though?

Your user name and his make quite the pair

Epikouros 31

Because everybody will call him Frodo anyway.

Bubbelz 25

They may grow huge sideburns though. Although you never know with all of that uncontrollable ear hair.

On the bright side you won't ever have a girl complain about hating your facial hair when she kisses you, speaking from my own similar non-experience :D