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How does one manage to do that?

You didn't wonder why your feet suddenly change colors?


How does one manage to do that?

Who knows how one can do such a thing, on a bright side OP now has clean socks to wear! Go innovation!

The socks were probably super comfortable. I've almost gotten entirely in when I was wearing a bra. The sound of the water hitting the bra is what tipped me off that something wasn't quite right.

35 - Yeah but you wouldn't have then washed the bra and still not realised XD

Maybe OP has hairy ass feet..?

Hey, don't laugh. Having to shit through your feet and walk on ass cheeks is the worst experience one could ever have. :(

I know showering is a mindless task but damn lol. Saves you time on your next laundry load at least.

true :") bahaha why wash just yourself... when you can wash your clothes too!!!!

Please follow up with how in the hell you managed that.

Haha! Saves you laundry time I guess?

they must be pretty comfortable socks.

I'm guessing fatigue would be the reason you forgot to remove your socks.

You didn't wonder why your feet suddenly change colors?

Really strong tan line?

Or sprouted a fuzzy, cloth-like texture?

I've done it before OP. It's just like you don't even care until you feel come thing heavy and wet on your feet.

I don't know why this is down voted? I've showered in my socks. Sometimes you're just so bone dead tired, you forget. Like if you've done hard manual labor all day in the heat and you just need to shower and fall into bed. That's when I've done it.

Hey, at least now you can save some money on laundry AND your feet smell nice!