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By KoNi - 21/11/2008 07:23 - France

Today, my 14-year-old sister asked me how I felt when I first had sexual intercourse. I told her it was personal and was none of her business. She then looked at me and said, "I thought it was nice." I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin. FML
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I'm 19 and still a virgin. It's not for lack of opportunity, I just don't want to give it up for just anyone.

That's ****** up. Talk to your sister or something before she gets chlamydia.


That's ****** up. Talk to your sister or something before she gets chlamydia.

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She probably already has it and that's why she asked

Don't you love replying for no reason 3 years after the comment?

She doesn't have to be talking about sex....

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@10 HAHAHAHAHA my thoughts exactly, maybe if she knew you were still a virgin she wouldn't have gone out and done the deed.

14 isn't THAT young... it could be worse

Not a big deal! I was 19 my first time... 14 is a little bit young though... you really should keep your eye out for her and make sure she stays safe!

I'm 19 and still a virgin. It's not for lack of opportunity, I just don't want to give it up for just anyone.

same here he gotta be special... I also 19 :) I feel a lot better knowin their is 19 yo virgins still lol

turning 18 in 2 monthes 3 days and couldn't agree more

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We're do you live? :). You are beautiful

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"It was nice"? She's lying too.

Yea, if it was another 14 year old, they probably didn't know what they were doing.

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You're wrong, losing virginity on 12?!?! WTF?!?! But 14 isn't too young, my sister lost hers on that age too and if they really want, let them do it! I mean, life is to be lived! But she needs to prevent agains getting pregnant or diseases...

You poor misguided soul. It is a big deal because that's way too young. She's going to end up pregnant.


your brother hangs out with ******.

#18 was probably raped as a young girl so that's why she thinks it not disgusting to shag at age 12. and I can tell by your pic that you are aspiring to be on the cast of jersey shore. sorry but they filled their quota of greasy douche bags with $5 chains from wal mart.

whyyyyy are you typinnnng like thisss? also; your brothers sound like pigs and their ladyfriends sound like *****?

YES 14 IS TOO YOUNG!!! KIDS SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEX. Anyways, it's unless you are 16+

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I agree. if you just are careful about it 14 is not young to lose it, that's when I lost mine...idk what y'all smokin lol

Thats kind of disgraceful, imo. A 14 year old is still a child. Children shouldn't be having sex.

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Thank you. My god. Let people do what they want. It's her choice.

Even 16 isn't a good age u should at least be 18 that's legal age

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They probably have not hit puberty yet.....

Oh god I hate my generation so much. Im assuming I'll get flamed for this, but I myself am 14 and not a virgin. Unlike all the other females who are ****** and sleep with everyone, I didnt become sexually active til me and my boyfriend had been together for at least a year. Its more about mental maturity than age itself. The thing is, 90% of this generation (ages 12-17) are ******* morons and beleive they're more mature than everyone else.. Meanwhile they're the stupidest and immaturest of them all. Im sorry world, but we're doomed.

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Exactly! It's the ones who sleep around with all these different guys who make losing your virginity somewhat young look bad. Now I agree that someone not in their teens is way young but when you've been in a relationship for 1+ years that's a long time and you at that point could be plenty ready to have sex. Adults have sex after their first date or two sometimes and aren't judged but teens who have been in relationships for a long time are called ***** when they waited longer than an adult did! #271

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well #271 you cant go and be annoyed at "******" when you are my age and not a virgin. to be honest I don't think we should even be in relationships at this age, I mean most teenage relationships last less than a month anyway.

neopets is the shit but i think it depends on the person it seems like the younger sibling always gets it sooner than the older did thats just my experience tho

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I'm almost 19 and a virgin, no prob with it. Is she saying she thought it was nice because she had sex or as asking how it was thinking it's nice but not knowing? If she was having sex that young... I'd talk with her about it. 14's a bit young. All the girls I went to highschool with that started that young regretted it (starting young, not having sex. they said they wished they waited for better guys. my college friends and I haven't talked about first times yet though, so I dunno about them... but I don't need to be pressured into sex by them!)

I'm 19 and a virgin too. Hey with all these other people admitting it, maybe we won't be virgins for much longer...

yeah right you only lose it if it is your decision i am not saying you wont regret but you have a choice........... not including rape/sex/abuse victims, no offense intended especialyy since many of my family members have been put in those situations

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Your sister should be the one telling herself "FML".