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Today, my 18-year-old son asked me if I was a virgin. I still don't know what to say to him. FML
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guessing no one had the "talk" with him. lol fyl and your sons


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See how long it take him to figure out the truth.

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Obviously he is the 2nd coming of christ

You mean 3rd right? Tim Tebow was born before him.

Maybe she should ask why he wants to know in the first place.

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What #1 said, and tell him that mommy's and daddy's go to a magical baby store, and a stork delivered him, smh.

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25- you rock. and maybe he was kidding- they teach sex ed in health class at school. in mine we learned in ninth grade!!!!

123: In my country we don't have that. Maybe not in OP's either?

123 You learned that in ninth? They teach it in 6th here. Where do you live? And I'm not trying to sound like a douche, it's a legit question. Edit: Nevermind, I checked your profile. Weird that they teach it do late over there.

136- I got sex ed in sixth, and I live in the States. Must be a different state.

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Wow... We had the class in 4th... And yes I live in the states

I got sex-Ed from sixth to eighth here in Canada. Weird if OP doesn't know...

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If he knows what a virgin is, then he should know that you're not.

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Omg it's an assassin, lol I'm obsessed with assassins creed I've played all the games (this comment is toward #35)

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"Yes, you were immaculately conceived, son." -_-

#123 Well knowing Brits, they probably wouldn't have sex ed class.

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When I lived in Texas, there was no sex ed class. All of that information was taught in Biology class.

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I am so incredibly glad that I'm not the only one that hates Tim Tebow. :3

He probably heard the Chuck Norris joke, "Chuck Norris lost his virginity before his dad".

Tell him that you produced him asexually...

We learned about puberty in 5th and sex in 8th and went over it through 9th in Hollywood, Ca. Didn't stop all the teen pregnancies though. Saw plenty of that.

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Poor storyoftheyear. All he wanted was to be funny.

******* idiots everywhere was is a past tence, probably asking if op was Virgin b4 marriage!

I'm sorry, but your son is literally too stupid to insult.

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297- OP said was because he posted this after his son asked him the question. Everyone was a virgin at some point. Your an idiot.

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I'm a virgin... You're adopted

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Then see how fast the confusion makes his head explode...

33- In your bio it says you like Nickelback. So it's actually you who needs to be shot.

37- I'm sorry my opinion is different than yours. I don't care to judge someone by what they listen to, and I don't care what people think of the music I like.

42- I'm just judging you because you shot an innocent bystander.

"In your bio it says you like Nickelback. So it's actually you that needs to be shot." "I'm just judging you because you shot an innocent bystander." Lol. Whatever, I'm not going to contribute anything more to this as to not to stir the pot on the subject any more.

stevenJB 25

LMAO!!! I hate nickel back, but I have to admit anberlin IS my favorite.

I don't really like Nickelback, but I respect 55's way of communicating with people online. Because (1) even though I don't like Nickelback, I'm really tired of people trolling or complaining about other people's taste in music. We all have different opinions and like different things and should respect that. And (2) unlike most commenters I see, he didn't get provoked into a massive immature argument. Although I do think that MrMisFit was probably just joking around xD

What about the "Blade of Unicorn"? MrMissfit is that enough?

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I love nickelback the dude just wants some attention lol ;)

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guessing no one had the "talk" with him. lol fyl and your sons

Disney corporation payed them massive amounts of money?

Looks like you guys raised a real winner!

It's what people interested in a sole partner commit to. What's your point?

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57- you need to be shot for commenting on a thread with a comment that is extremely retarded. If you're going to be all sad and depressed that your (sarcasm start) smart and witty (end sarcasm) comment won't get seen to the point you place an unrelated, blatant display of you ignorance and stupidity into a comment thread that has been open almost as long as the post itself, then maybe you should just turn off whatever device you're using this app/website on and relentlessly beat yourself with the entire world book encyclopedia set until the thought of posting such a retarded comment vanishes from your mind.

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And as for the Jonas brothers I am proud to say my ears have never been tainted with their pitiful attempt at music

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The whole point of my rant was " post comments relevant to the thread." And being a 16 year old retard is no excuse for posting irrelevant comments on a thread. Sorry for the flooding modz don't be mad... *hides behind couch*

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SHe could have been artificially pregnated

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They held it off for a bit. This days you don't even need the talk. Just watch a movie and find out.

My parents prohibited me from going to sex ed, and never gave me "the talk". I had to learn about it on my own when I read about how parakeets have babies. It still took me a few years to figure out which hole the baby shoots out from.

I got the talk right after my 4th birthday. Apparently I said "Mommy, I already know all about that" and walked away.

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I got it when I was 6-7. My parents proceeded to use my Red Power Ranger toy, and my "The Rock" actionfigure as the boy & girl. They also used one of my toy cars...

Sounds like no one taught him sex Ed. Either that or OP's son is a complete moron

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Exactly. He's 18. Hence the FML.

Technically losing your virginity is to be penetrated sexually. So he's asking if his father has been sexually penetrated. Most heterosexual males are virgins by that definition.

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Maybe he's just joking, I hope he is...

OP - uhh, no offense, but YDI for not giving him the talk..

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But by 18 the sons a idiot for not knowing...... I mean seriously how naive could he possibly be?

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Ask him if he knows how babies are made.

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if he knows what a virgin is, he might very well know how babies are made.

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but then again.. he had to ask one of his parents if they are a virgin..

the only way he's not high or stupid is if he was adopted.


Or if OP is not his biological father