Bigmouth Strikes Again

By lpilou - 21/11/2008 05:40 - France

Today, I was finally able to get to know a girl at university who I'd been eyeing up for months. We had a nice conversation. We discovered that we live in the same area, and so we talked about that. I told her that the little restaurant under my house was really disgusting. Her parents own it. FML
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Wait, under your house? Can someone say "Underground Shit Food"? Agreed #1

FYL OP, that just killed even the slightest chance of you getting laid tonight

why don't you take her out and show her real food?

freelantic 0

That's just bad luck man. Just appolgise and if she should understand

ha! you should have said you were talking about ANOTHER resturaunt with the same name. bahaha..

Ooops! No one could have known. At least she knows you're honest.

thats what you get for "eyeing up" her you stupid as$ shes human like you, you know..or atleast i hope

well I mean it's the truth so why would she care?

DizzyDaydreams 1

Wow, that must suck. At least you were honest about all those crap.

tastes are tastes :D everyone has got his own XD