By Victoria - United States
Today, I got pulled over by a state trooper for speeding. When he saw I had something in my pocket, he began to ask if it was a weapon. After arguing for a few minutes I was put in handcuffs. I was too embarrassed to pull the tampon out my pocket. FML
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  my_user_name  |  7

You definitely deserve it for not just taking it out of your pocket! In fact, my girlfriend always told me one of her friends got OUT of tickets by telling a male cop she was hurrying home because she was on her period and needed a tampon. Guys don't want to know about that, he would have been more embarrassed than you! He would just let you go to avoid hearing about it. Even if it didn't work, you HAVE to cooperate with a cop who thinks you have a weapon. Of course you got arrested. You probably won't ever see the cop again if you just cooperate, so there's no reason to be embarrassed.

  stephanie0613  |  0

Wow a tampon, who cares you act like the cop doesnt know that women get their period. Ugh maybe it's time to grow up a little and stop being so embaressed about dumb shit like that.

  zolziski  |  11

Am I the only one who is wondering how big the tampon must have been for it to look like a weapon? o_O Perhaps that was why she was embarrassed lol.

  TooAsianMane  |  0

how is she fat? do u find amusement by calling someone fat? I'm not trying to sound like a bitch. but for real dude. grow up. be respectful. people like you often get made fun of if you were at my school. so get real.

  Dimercurio  |  1

I swear feminists are like the easiest people to troll of all time, it's been years now and they still get all emo whenever someone tells em to go back to the kitchen.

Here's a tip, If you all stop taking the bait and falling for such obvious trolls, sayings like go back to the kitchen will die off.

  Person000  |  0

he has no right? dude that's the police officers job, they should ask and have to if it's suspicious, you're one of those guys that says "they have no right to take away my heroin and stop me from going Chris Benwa on my family.


Actually I'm taking a criminal justice course in college and the officer has every right to ASK but no right to search her. That would be an unreasonable search. If that were the case then every officer could search you at anytime because you have a cell phone in your pocket or Chapstick. Your rights were violated, you should consult the chief of police about this. Also, I find it somewhat amazing that this officer can find such a thing while your sitting down in a car. He must have really been super observant. Anyways, speed kills, slow down before you end up killing yourself and/or someone else. YD the ticket.

  I_iz_special  |  0

How were OP's rights violated 30? All I read was that she refused to show the officer what was in his/her pockets. Nowhere did it say the officer searched the OP, but that the OP was hancuffed for not showing the tampon which is part of his/her rights, but (s)he can still get arrested.

  msl1333  |  4

hey 30, it looks like you're going to fail your class. anyone subject to a stop can be handcuffed. as for searchig for a weapon, I don't see that a search tool place. but even if the cop had searched her, that is well within his rights. she has the right to refuse a search at which point the cop could arrest her for obstruction and get his search.

  TheDrifter  |  23

If the lump it made in her pocket looked suspicious that falls under the plain sight section of reasonable searches. If you're not familiar with plain sight as a reason for a search I do believe you will be failing that law course.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

You're both right/wrong. Maybe.

I'm pretty sure that as long as she doesn't reach for it, he doesn't have the right to anything. Howeverrrr... If OP got into an argument over it, she probably then gave him enough reason to call it a safety issue, in which case he has right to handcuff her.

OP- Call it a pen.. Lipgloss.. Chapstick.. Whatever you want. If he asks to see it, show him and he'll be the embarrassed one. I'd rather show him herpes cream than get arrested.

  xgetxbentx  |  13

emtlindsay - 70 is right, you're not doing well in that class if you think they can't search her for that. they can for many reasons, probable cause, arguing, etc..

  I_am_that_guy  |  0

hahahahhahahaha u guys arguing with Lindsay are idiots I'm majoring in criminal justice as well and I took it in high school and we just so happen to be covering search and seizure...a stop doesn't necessarily mean they can be handcuffed aka arrested...and he has every right to ask if she has a weapon and frisk(NOT SEARCH) her at which point he wouldve felt the tampon knowing it couldn't have been a weapon(if he wanted to be a dick and "make sure" it wasn't a weapon then he can go into her pockets)...and she has every right to deny a search

  Gonqshow  |  0

As many of you have said, there is nothing here that says she was searched. However, refusing to show the officer what is in her pocket when he suspects it is a weapon allows him to place her under arrest. As soon as she is placed under arrest the police officer is allowed to search her for weapons and means of escape to ensure both his and her safety. If you are under arrest you cannot refuse the search. You can withdraw your consent only when you volunteer for a search. The most she could have done was request a female officer to complete the search.
To the two people who say they are Criminal Justice students: Spend more time studying and less time on FML because you were both wrong.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

I_am_that_guy - You say he can't search her but can go into her pockets? Erm, same thing.
More generally to you and Lindsay - The FML never says he searched her. It's implied that she refused to tell or show him what was in her pocket and that that made him suspicious and after a brief argument he arrested her for being 'suspicious'.

  emILYforever  |  0

30- ah, you fail. I wouldn't be expecting to pass if you think like that. you've been doing the course and all but how long for? and what country? they're all different so you have no right to say something like that to the police person.

thanks:) xx

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

It's only a tampon, it's not that embarassing. I mean, I can understand you not wanting it on obvious display, but he did ask a serious question, I think in those circumstances it's ok to explain what it is, and show it if necessary.
Also, you shouldn't have been speeding. The laws are there for a reason.

  underaegis  |  0

coming from a guy named "biggerthanurs". don't insult others for there comments beacuse chances are yours aren't any better. If you can't have done sense of matuirty in your name it voids the purpose of acting above another. specially' one that's above you.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

BiggerThenUrs - Your username is spelt wrong. :P However, more seriously, can you really say I don't have a life when you've obviously noticed I comment a lot and therefore must have seen all my comments and therefore spent a fair bit of time on FML yourself. Also, I obviously do have a life as I'm alive you idiot. And I'm not forcing you to read my comments, so why don't you ignore them? Or get yourself blocked for being a rude prick.

Zyzter - I'm going to assume you were talking to BiggerThenUrs.

Underaegis - Exactly.

Dius & Chris - Actually, in principle the laws were made to stop people doing bad things, since then more and more have been created and so there are now laws about everything. However, they weren't made to be broken (you're thinking of rules :P), otherwise we'd have a situation where nothing would be illegal even at the end where we shouldn't need laws to tell us not to do something.

By  wuukiee  |  0

How can you be old enough to drive, and still embarassed by carrying tampons? On average, a girl will have been having her period at least 3-4 years before she could get a driver's liscense.