By LovesHisHand - / Sunday 20 September 2009 20:55 / United States
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  jakedmagic  |  0

If that were true, then she would have no problem telling her parents (I'd think), and they wouldn't respond like they did. They'd probably say "Well she isn't having sex you narc".

  CDS09  |  0

it might not have mattered....I am sure his parents remember....its just a double standard. Some parents let their sons or daughters get away with murder while not allowing the other sex to do anything.

OP, your life sucks

Also it could be for something else and your parents could be messing with you.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

That's because masturbation gives you hairy palms, might make you go blind, and will keep you from having children if you do it too much. Obviously. ^^

I don't believe that but I can see that as a reason lol.

  o3o  |  0

Actually, I would've told m parents too. He wasn't being a tattle tale. He was probably worried about her for doing it at such a young age and told his parents.

And I would've stuck up for myself. I wouldn't take that crap from my parents. In this case, the parents are being hypocrites.

I think what the parents did was completely wrong. :o

  LegitDGK  |  0

ydi for 2 reasons. 1. there is a big difference between sex and jerking off bcuz in sex there r 2 or more people. 2. fuck u 4 being a snitch, if u were the younger sibling you could be a snitch and only look a lil like a dousche but being the older sibling and a snitch is just gay.


@5: A tattle tale is someone who tells on other people for stupid things, like if they were eating chips and their sister stole one, or something like that.
Telling on someone for something that could really effect their health or their life is not being a tattle tale.

By  Mr_Eated  |  0

No reason to try to try to kill her fun because you didn't get to have any. That's fucked up. Maybe your parents grew up a little. And instead of being happy for your sister, because she doesn't have to endure the same close-minded horseshit you went through, you're jealous and acting like the baby sister who didn't get her way. Grow up, be glad your parents did the same, and be on the same team as your sister, instead of trying to fuck up her good times. Seriously, time to mature a little.

  your_face  |  15

Sounds like OP wasn't having sex though - maybe she believes 15 is too young for sex, which is why she pleasured herself instead, and wanted to protect/force her values on her little sister.

Personally, I do think that's a little young, but that doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to feel and act differently.

  lahp  |  0

wow don't be such a bitch sounds like your the one who needs to grow up MATE! in all fairness is is harsh that they are obviously treated differently! and this guy shouldnt of been a little snitch... but hey what ever FYL you little sad old man who gets pleasure from making over people feel like utter shit!

p.s. if she wants to hav sex she wants to have sex.. but please note birth control pills are also used to help the flow of a woman...

  Mr_Eated  |  0

Oh please. This guy's a whiner. Waaaah, my parents dont' care if my younger sister has sex but they didn't like it when they caught me masturbating at 15, waaaaah. If he really was concerned about his sister as someone else suggested, he should've talked to her without going to his parents. He's a pussy and you're barely functionally literate; so don't start casting stones in this direction. I"m far from sad or trying to make anyone feel lilke udder shit. As for old, that's a matter of perspective. Judging from your writing, I'm guessing the poster is likely older than you. I'm Just pointing out the obvious, where common sense seems to be lacking. And the obvious is:

He's a wining douche. And you're laughable at best.

  lahp  |  0

my english abe shocking.. this is true.. but im more successful in life then you and im am most likely younger then you... and by the way you speak.. im surprised if you acctualy have any family or friends that still wish to speak to you... if you read all the note i posted.. i said that he was a snitch and there was no reason to do it...

so in short..

you are here just to make people feel worse about them selves you stupid arrogant bastard

  lahp  |  0

nope, owning websites building websites .. knowing programming making something of my self while still going to college to study how to treat, train, care, maintain and breed animals... and im not an internet tough guy as you put it... im just not a complete cock who sees one side and one side only.

  Mr_Eated  |  0

You have a lot of anger for someone so successful and together. Brag all you want - bag all you want. At the end of the day you know who you are...and I'm sure it keeps you awake at night. Lash out some more if it makes you feel like more of a man. Most of us outgrow the need to act like such an ass by the time we grow up. But if it makes you feel better, lash out.

  Mr_Eated  |  0

Veni, does your mommy know you're using her computer when she's not looking? WTF is your probem? Oh, i guess you think calling out idiots is being a douche. Must hit too closely to home. Grow the fuck up you little punk.

  DGross  |  8

I was getting worried fml really was getting stupider until I read your comment war back in '09. my faith in the human race has now been restored :)

  Sparky23  |  0

your a dumb ass douche. one, you keep calling people out and trying to make them feel like shit.. two, you gave someone bull about being illiterate (or however you spell it I don't really care... pretty sure you'll correct me) and then you turned and started spelling things wrong... three, you soun like you don't enjoy your life and take it out on others... So... GET OVER YOURSELF!!! your not better than anyone just because you know how to constantly check a website and make people feel bad

  Vaetrus  |  0


The pill isn't always for sex. Besides, you shouldn't have been using that laptop for porn anyway, you should have been out looking for the real thing. They probably just felt that you, and the laptop, were a waste of money at that point.

But for the more interesting stuff... she was having sex, as in procreation. Or getting ready for it. You were "pleasuring yourself." Which is wrong. And she was having sex at 15, while you were watching your porn laptop get hammered. No way around this, your life sucks.

  MrWombastic  |  0

Damn Vaetrus, I didn't know that is was wrong to have fun.. Cmon dude stop being a selfrighteous prick and limit yourself to commenting in stead of lecturing plz.. If he likes to jerk of on whatever porn he likes, who gives a crap? I have a flourishing sex like and I'll be damned if I see it as 'learning how to procreate'

Sorry if I insult any ways of thinking here, but in my opinion, whatever reason you have, you ought to be able to have as mutch sex as you like. Procreation shouldn't be your first concern, if only people would limit the whole procreating a tiny bit, there wouldn't be all those teenage idiots impregnating every snatch they stumble across and we'd get rid of a lot of poor, intellectually challenged morons.

So kids remember, use protection, especially when people speak of procreation!

  scott_m319  |  0

I saw your profile and I know you don't check your comments; that's too damn bad, 'cause I'm writing this anyway.

Where in this post did OP say anything about porn on his laptop? He just said that his parents smashed it; they might have just assumed that porn was involved. I'm surprised nobody has considered this and instead jumped to conclusions!!

By  snowieflake  |  0

your parents probably think that sex (with other people) is a beautiful thing... but sex (with yourself/pleasuring yourself) isn't... that still sucks for you though...
also, what if (although I doubt) the birth control pills are for regulating her period instead of preventing pregnancy?

  your_face  |  15

Agreed. Though, if it were for regulation, the younger sister would have had no need to hide it from her parents, and the fact that they also seemed to assume/know she was having sex seems to indicate that she is. Or, she could have just been embarrassed to say anything.

  Trebie  |  6

I'm not sure that any parents are going to call procration beautiful when the person doing the "procreating" is that young. Even if the idea of their baby girl banging some dude well before she is mature enough to handle the emotional stuff that comes with it (or even if she is mature enough), she won't be able to find a job at that age to support herself and the baby, and the parents are stuck with that.

And even still, if they're going to act that way with one kid, they should have treated the other kid equally, or at least not smashed a really expensive and useful object in retaliation for something that, well, ALL guys do.

  AndelleRae  |  9

See, the thing is, the OPs parents greeted it with extreme disinterest. Whichever use his sister is putting the pills to, it seems very likely they already knew about it and just don't care. I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure you need a parent's permission to get birth control pills, even from planned parenthood, when you're under the age of 16.

Either way, OP, I think you need to grow up a bit. Yes, it does suck what they did to you, but to tattle on your sister for having birth control pills is both immature and mean. You know how your parents reacted to you, so why would you potentially bring that wrath down on your sister? You shouldn't have even been snooping in her room in the first place. Sounds to me like you're either a bitter person or a pervert. Whichever one, I hope you get over it pretty quick.

By  Arcterion  |  0

Honestly, YDI for ratting out on your sister. Obnoxious bastard.

Also, I love how Americans immediately associate birth control with sex, instead of even considering the fact they also help regulate periods, reduce cramps to a certain extent and what not.

  EyesofStone  |  27

Was it really necessary to include the "Americans" in there? People are jumping to that conclusion because the parents seemed to know about and be okay with their daughter having sex. Although it's possible she's using the pills for other things (like a large portion of young women, Americans included), it seems unlikely here is all.

  syed121417  |  22

Gee, people associate a pill who's primary purpose is to prevent pregnancy with sex? How stupid!

We well know it can benefit skin, regulation and cramps, we have health class, too, smart pants. We also know there other other medications specifically for period cramps and regulation and acne and other feminine related problems. So you can just calm down

By  iamme_fml  |  0

...so your parents treated you like shit.... You told on your sister...full well knowing they'd probably react the same way. I'm glad they didn't. YDI for being a narc though. Seriously. That was just cold hearted. Grow up a little.

  mommmma  |  0

i dont think it was cold hearted. i have a 14 year old brother and im always nervous hes gonna make stupid mistakes.i found a cigarette in my brothers room the other day...i didnt tell my parents, but i was seriously thinking about it.and if the OP's sister is having sex i think her parents SHOULD know. she did a good thing by taking Birth Control, but BC doesnt protect against STD's.she should be fully prepared.im was a teen mother and i wouldnt recommend any other young girl have babies. things happen and i think the OP was prob just concerned.
OP...ur parents are idiots.lol.sorry

  anniebananie  |  3

Umm.. do you realize that these days, pretty much everyone starts having sex when they're 15-17 years old? It is NOT the OP's place to decide whether or not her sister is too young for sex. It's also not your place to narc on your brother for having a cigarette in his room. Everyone tries it at some point. I went through a brief 'smoking to be cool' stint when I was 14, and I turned out just fine. In fact, I'm very opposed to/disgusted by smoking now. Let him live his life.

  mommmma  |  0

actually, i started smoking when i was 14 and i got pregnant when i was 16 because i made bad choices...i still smoke to this day, and now have 2 gorgeous kids, but being a teen mom isnt a joke. sure, most kids are having sex by 16. i didnt say it was wrong but i think its smart to be open with ur parents about it. u must be a child or dont understand the choices u make when u r a teenager can affect the rest of ur life. and to be honest, now that i am grown...i wish my parents had of been harder on me.
dont send "high horse" messages to me.
btw...i didnt rat my brother out...but i do give me a hard time about it. and 14 is def too young to be smoking. wait til u have kids and see if u want them smoking/drinking/having sex when they are 15. seriously. dont be a dumbass.

  bgorch01  |  11

Fun fact. Did you know that it's illegal in States to have sex before age 16? In other states, it's illegal to have sex before age 18.

15 < 16

Your encouraging illegal activities. If the person she is having sex with is over 18, then he a considered a rapist. You just encouraged rape.

Learn your damn facts.

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