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By Anonymous - 28/03/2012 16:01 - United States - Port Townsend

Today, my 27 year-old boyfriend chose playing with Lego over making sweet love to me. FML
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weasel123 9

Well, Legos are pretty awesome. I can't say I blame him.


leprechaun23 15

Let him build something on your boobs

And they don't complain that they're fat and or ugly ever

Yeah. I would definitely choose lego. No doubt about it.

Of course Legos, especially after saying "make sweet love" just picture u gf asking: do u wanna make sweet love to me or u gonna keep playing with those things?? Ummm I'm gonna keep playing

TheFinalWub 3

legos over sex? mmmmmmm i must agree to legos.. never too old to play with them and their more entertaining! and dont yell at you...

Nightwing98 22

Doesn't matter, played with legos.

How bout both at the same time? Haha Like her giving him head and him playing with legos. No? Okay ):

Maybe it ain't as sweet as she thinks.

Perhaps the love makeing was not as sweet as she thought

Icejza_DaChilla 7

Were they Star Wars Legos? Cuz if so then all is understood

klovemachine 24

94 = very funny! You read my mind :)

D37H100 5

Well what if you happened to roll on them? He's obviously looking out for your safty by playing with them.

bassplayer97 0

Well I guess that might mean a couple thing, one your ugly. 2, it's time to get a more mature boyfriend.

weasel123 9

Well, Legos are pretty awesome. I can't say I blame him.

Im sorry but the child in my heart will always come first. Especially for Legos.

KiwiKitten 2

My boyfriend and I play Legos together... Try it :)

alstbv12 13

Minecraft classic! Probably the same OP as the boyfriend who decided to play minecraft

I dont think this is an mc classic mc alpha is classic or indev... Lego wasnt founded to make minecraft. Minecraft was indirectly inspired by it (through Infiminer).

The_Troller 14

20- You don't get what he is saying. He is saying that this must be the same OP as the one who posted the same FML, but about Minecraft.

Yup! The only reason why I would deny Minecraft or Lego is... Well there is none!

dan13mey 0

I don't think he needs a Lego version of his pissed off girlfriend when he has he real thing in front of him.

pablopoo 7

180 That is.......halarious.............

jessiejess020 0

he was making a girlfriend that didnt say sweet loving

Haha my boyfriend chose building a fish tank that took 5 weeks so consider yourself lucky!

Coming from one of the very, VERY, few women that can pull off a duckface

There is no woman that can pull off a duck face, doing a duck face makes anyone look like a complete jerk off.

crazychick1269 7

Coming from a very, VERY desperate guy on FML

Oh wow u dickfaces I thought she was pretty Ur welcome 7 (:

That's not a duck face. Its a kissy face.

crazychick1269 7

It's a fake picture i've seen it on about 50 twitter accounts

That's.. not.. a duckface o.0? She's just smiling

Hey, don't dis a man and his Legos. Who knows, he could be making a shrine to you.

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Well...legos are pretty awesome..

"Making sweet love"? I don't blame him. Not only does it sound ******* stupid, you can't force stuff like that. Stop being so high maintenance.

Why are people thumbing down 9 and 11 .. What did they say to hurr OP's feeling.. Some stuff I will never understand.. Most FML users are idiots, sorry,

Newsflash, 63: Most people in the world are stupid. Edit: And... 63's gone. FML wants me to look stupid myself. Fortunately, I need little assistance.

Oh dear, here, I offer you a virtual hug and pat on the back }—(^_^)—{

I don't want that creepy face any closer to me o.o

Its like in real life minecraft I don't blame him.

hurtandabused 7

True but if u get attacked by monsters I suggest u run

omgcookeys 15

He's probably building a house for the night.

CoolRainbowdash 15

In the summer Lego Minecraft is going to be release. :D

MonsterCommenter 4

I'm sorry for you, but Legos are the bomb-diggigity.

traze 7

Legos or sweet love?!....LEGOSSSSS!!!