By dickhead - 10/04/2015 22:17 - United States

Today, I bought a garden gnome to spice up my lawn. Tonight, someone threw it right through my living room window. Not only will the repairs cost a ton, my neighbor keeps saying stupid shit to me, like "You must be shattered" and "Looks like you ain't got a window gnome... more." FML
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lexiieeex3 32

I'm sorry, but who buys a garden gnome to "spice up their lawn"


Geckosrock99 33

That neighbor sounds like someone from FML

incoherentrmblr 21
lexiieeex3 32

I'm sorry, but who buys a garden gnome to "spice up their lawn"

Maybe the same people who also buy those flamingos :D

I almost bought a stripper gnome once. I definitely think that would have spiced things up.

People who like their garden and fancy buying a gnome? I mean, why not?

It's the use of the words 'spice up' that doesn't sit right with me.....

If it was a fountain gnome it'd be SPLASHING!

If it was a cat gnome it would be SCRATCHING.

If it was a Katniss Everdeen gnome it would be CATCHING... fire.

#27 If you were a pun gnome, you would just get smashed against a brick wall, because you're terrible.

If it were a bandicoot gnome it would be CRASHING!

If it were a Ryan Gosling gnome it would be DASHING!

If it were an eyeball gnome it would be LASHING!

Without the garden gnome, OP will be SHORT on decorations!

Dreamsorrow93 24

Maybe it was the gnome committing suicide because it to thought your yard sucked?

Oh man, I haven't had an FML make me laugh so hard in a while. I'm sorry about your window, though!

Your neighbour is either the vandal or really good at coming up with witty puns in a short time, OP.

I'm thinking it's the 1st one. They had easy access (OP wouldn't hear a car drive away) and just their reaction (like this incident is no big deal and it wasn't unexpected or out of the ordinary).

Steffi3 40

Your neighbour is having way too much fun with this. You sure he didn't throw it?

I'm thinking that your neighbor might have been the one who threw it.

Haha that would be pretty crazy though. Smash your neighbour's window just so you can make a bunch of puns about it lol